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  1. Ok I figured it out! There is an error in row row 15, the pattern says 2 sc in each ch-2 sp but you only need 1 sc. Then the stitch count doesn't increase! Yeah!!
  2. No diagrams or stitch counts for rows. The problem came after the tr tr row, I'm going to do fewer sc and see if that works out. Can't find any corrections online for this pattern but I love the way the finished product looks!!
  3. Ok I've been working on this pattern and I've been reading the instructions meticulously. However, by the end of row 16 I have many more stitches than I think I should. There aren't any stitch counts so I'm not sure, but the pictures don't look like there should be any increases. Has anyone made this? Can anyone help??
  4. Britney and Ducky73 - Im also in southern illinois, I live in harrisburg. We should have a get together!
  5. Oh wow!! I can't wait to see it!! Any idea when they are scheduled to be on newsstands?
  6. Hey everyone! I'm technically not in Kentucky, I'm in southern Illinois, but closer to some of you than anyone else I can find in my area!
  7. Cocoa Cream, keep me informed! I'd love to know if you are close and what you've found since you have been down here!
  8. I am so glad I'm not the only one who has noticed this absurdity!! I too have never known anyone that quilts, but know quite a few who knit and crochet. The magazines stocked should reflect that!
  9. I really like almost everything in this issue - and SURPRISE! My BF said he would wear the men's sweater if I make it for him! Not sure when, since I can't afford all the wool yarn it calls for, but I'll probably make one of the afghans and possibly the tunic. If I do, I'll let you know, siminsc!
  10. Used to subscribe to Crochet! a couple years ago. In my opinion, the patterns aren't as good for me in Crochet! anymore, I don't know what happened. Crochet Today has a few things I want to make in EVERY issue, I don't know how they do it! I love both, but I ALWAYS buy Crochet Today.
  11. I didn't like this issue at first but have found that I can't put it down. I have two WIPs from this issue - the bedspread made of six-sided pieces ( a zillion of them! ) I'm making in tan Simply Soft and it is very pretty. Also, the kid-sized afghan made of various circles in the end of the magazine I'm attempting in blues and browns. Very cute, although it will be small. May expand the size. I wasn't crazy about the nautical theme either, but I think a couple things could be modified in color, etc.
  12. OK, now I've realized I'm also having trouble with Caron Simply Soft yarn. Anyone else allergic to this one? I sure hope I'm not allergic to all acrylic yarn - eeek!! The strange thing is that I'm not allergic to ALL the yarn...some skeins make me really break out and others are just fine. Crazy!!
  13. I just might be the poster child for crochet ADD...I can't even count all the WIPs I have around the house. It is so bad that sometimes I forget which hook I used, which size I started, etc. and end up frogging the old WIPs. I also make jewelry and rubber stamp - talk about ADD!
  14. Until I found this thread I thought I might be going insane!! I have recently developed an allergy to RHSS, I'm talking within the last two to three months. I have been using this yarn for years because it is just about the only thing I can afford. Lately I have noticed huge welts on my forearms after I crochet with it for a while. This hasn't happened with any other acrylic yarn, just RHSS, and it doesn't matter which color or where I purchased it. A few of you mentioned that you have washed the skeins and that seemed to help. How in the world do you wash a skein of yarn? And has anyone else developed a solution? I thought about wrapping my forearms in surgical bandages before crocheting:P
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