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    I'm a college student just recently relocated to Louisiana.
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    Natchitoches, LA
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    Reading, writing, mostly, as well as studying.
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    College student with various campus organizations on the side
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    Currently shawls
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    Since 1997
  1. I would like to help out too. I know how a little bit of caring and compassion can go a long way for these victims. PM me with your information and I'll get some to you as soon as I'm done with my other charity projects. I think this is a great thing you're doing and I hope it really takes off and that other people start similar things in their areas.
  2. Sometimes if I'm sitting crocheting for too long, I'll get pain in my neck and shoulders that goes down through my back. It usually lasts a few minutes, but there are times when it lasts a lot longer and I have to put everything down for a while. I attribute it mostly to my FMS and have never really thought about it being anything else. Sorry you're hurting. Sometimes, sadly, we just have to take a break.
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