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    I'm a college student just recently relocated to Louisiana.
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    Natchitoches, LA
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    Reading, writing, mostly, as well as studying.
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    College student with various campus organizations on the side
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    Currently shawls
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    Since 1997
  1. Thanks to my Elf, Juli (craftimama) for the cute postcard!
  2. Okay, have a couple in the works, now. Are they being sent to your home or somewhere else? I still have your address written down.
  3. Well, after a long stay in Shreveport back and forth to the doctor, I came home to a wonderful package from a CO Elf. I was gifted a journal, some pens, blank note cards, note pads, and scrapbooking supplies. It made me feel so much better! Thank you!
  4. I might be able to send some things your way. I'll have to look and see what types of thread I have in my stash and see what I can come up with.
  5. I usually go with granny squares, too. I can take them anywhere and wok on them anytime.
  6. A lot, I've found, depends on what settings your camera has. My new one has an extremely bright flash so it takes pics at night really well. My other camera didn't have too good of a flash so I always had to wait for the next day to take pics. My suggestion is to play around with your camera and try different settings with different lights and projects; find one that you like and make note of it.
  7. I opened up the mailbox to two packages yesterday!!! One from an OH Elf who sent me scrapbooking stickers and lots of teas!! Excellent! Thank you! The other was from a FL Elf who sent two beautiful crocheted bookmarks in some of my favorite colors, too!! I love them! And coming on the very day when I was about to make some more (since hubby stole all of my others--Bad hubby). Thank you so much! I love them! I'll post pictures when I'm awake enough to remember how to work the site. Need caffeine...Maybe one of the new teas.
  8. I saw this list years ago. It's great for a good laugh. Thanks!
  9. My mother has only really gotten me what I really want once or twice...She never listens; this year she brought me a ring that was my grandmother's. That's fine, except that I only wear three rings and won't wear anything like that one even if I wore more. Hubby does get me though; he knows either books or yarn and I'm happy. His family hasn't really known me long enough to figure it out yet, but they just gave me money this last birthday so that worked out fine.
  10. A special thanks to the mysterious Elf who bought me Peggytoes' "Dairigon the Dragon" pattern. Thank you so much, it's absolutely adorable!
  11. Wow, what a day! I was outside working in the yard and came inside to find a couple more wedding gifts had arrived, plus a package from a C'Ville Elf! I want to send a thank you to my MI Elf who sent me a beautiful little journal today. It's just the right size to go in my purse. Thank you so much!
  12. I started one of these before my wedding but haven't yet finished it. Now that I have time, I might pull it out and start again. I have 4 squares done, so far.
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