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    Just a young girl finding productive ways to live
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    Cooking, Crochet, Capoeira, Gardening, Music, Singing
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    None at present
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    2015 Newbie
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    Hats, bags and socks
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  1. Damaris Garcia

    Round 2 Another Beanie

    I used a letter H crochet hook and mostly half double crochets for the entire beanie. I started with the magic circle and worked from there.
  2. Damaris Garcia

    First Beanie Made

    Thank U! Sandy!!
  3. Damaris Garcia

    First Beanie Made

    Thanks much!!!
  4. Damaris Garcia

    First Beanie Made

    So I just made my first slouchy beanie. It needs work but I am pleased that I got the concept of the design. When I started the first hat curled and the second look more like a skirt. I just kept unraveling the yarn and starting over I wanted to get it right. It was from this forum that I found what I had to do and realized that I may have been crocheting to tightly. My only issue are the slip stitches are not very clean I'm not sure if there is a general rule of leaving space between you last stitch and the first stitch to achieve symmetry. Proud nonetheless!
  5. Damaris Garcia

    Good Afternoon From Jersey

    Hello Folks! My name is Dee and I am a beginner at crocheting. I have just started and wanted to make gifts for my family members for the holiday season. I think that crocheting is one of those talents that come in handy during times of hardship and just a great activity for the family to partake in. My first project is a slouchy beanie can't wait to share it with all of you. Have a super day to all