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  1. OOooh! Ok! Well I just wanted to share what I was able to make for my brother and sister for Christmas thanks yo you guys! Again just wanted to say thanks so much for all the help!
  2. Thanks Granny Square! Thanks redrosesdz! I think I get it now! Fixing the edge won't be too hard. I took a photography class in HS and did a lot of changing pixels to fix photos but I think I understand where I got confused. I found I could put my image in paint and add a grid there so will use that instead of a website and will pick out colors when they overlap. Thank you guys so much! If you think that sounds cool, you should see the reason I'm making it! My mom and I are both semi obsessed with Miyazaki's work and my mom is a painter and is painting the front room (her art room) the walls with scenes from her favorite Miyazaki movies and characters! If I ever finish my current project and get started on the afghan I'll post picture of it on here! If I can figure out how lol! You should see what I crocheted for my brother and sister for Christmas! Again, Thank you both soo very much!! <3
  3. Hi guys! Been a while since I've been on here! Got really busy with Christmas presents! Anyways, I'm back and have a new round of questions Lol. So using Gimp, I've designed a picture with several ghibli/miyazaki characters on it. I want to make a graphgan from it but am unsure of a few things... 1. My picture is made with high quality pictures but when I made my photo into a "graphgan" using an website's free software, many of the characters became blurry....How can I fix this? 2. When I put my picture in Paint and added a graph, everything was clear, crisp and the details were clear. Can't I just use that as my guide? Or will it turn out blurry like when I put it into a website? 3. Is my photo just too detailed to make a graphgan from it? It's something I really wanted to make for my mom's art room, since Hayao Miyazaki is her fave artist, but if it's gonna end up blurry... I'll have to find a way around the blurriness. Any and all help are much appreciated! ~MaddiG.
  4. Thanks Redrosesdz! I actually found a pattern for one of those headbands that's got a knot in the middle for about 30 yards of yarn so I may try that! I was really hoping that it'd be enough for some socks or fingerless gloves, since she does a lot of typing :/ but oh well! I may use your bow idea too!
  5. Hi all! So I have gotten through the first quarter of my awareness ribbon shawl and took a break from it (since I got a bit flustered with it) and started work on some other Christmas presents. I am making an owl pillow for my sister and she (not knowing that she did ) picked out a very fuzzy cotton candy looking yarn that I used to make a bow for her owl. Now I have 41 yards of the yarn left and I'd LOVE to make her something small, maybe that she could wear with it! Any ideas or patterns I could use the remainder of the yarn on? ~Maddi
  6. I am! I may go back and try your lopping only 1 at the top to see if it looks any better. Mine still don't look 100% like ribbons but I am hoping the more it gets worked on that the more they'll take the right shape! I will for sure post pictures when it's finished! I hope to get it done by the end of next week!
  7. Thank you Granny Square! After posting that I tried like 15 different ways and think I figured out a pretty good way to do it! I cut the original ch. 15 to 13, then did a sl st into the 5th stitch and chained 4 more. So far it looks pretty good and I am moving on to the 4th row and will update you then. Mine doesn't look as nice as yours so I may go back and redo the 3rd row but I want to see if they will look better once the row on top of them will help steady the ribbons or not.
  8. Ok so I just got to the 3rd row (where the awareness ribbons are) and have tried 3 methods to making them and so far have not turned out too well.... Looking for any more advice/opinions on how to do these? :/
  9. Thank you redrosesdz!!! You've been such a great help! I just was out at A.C. Moore when I saw this and found the PERFECT thick yarn for it! Man I am really getting ahead of myself!
  10. I am using a 5mm hook but the length I have of 300 stitches is the perfect size for the way I want it to fit. I've tried it on my mom several times and she's in love with the size so it's what I ended up going with! That and the fact that I can fit an even amount of ribbons on it is perfect! And I ended up running to A.C. Moore tonight and grabbed some blue yarn as well to add into the shawl! Now it'll be a switch off and on between purple and blue! Now I just have to figure out how to add in another color without tying knots..... I tied all the purple together not realizing there was a way to attach or add a yarn in without knots.. Oh Well! I'll get it eventually! Lol
  11. Hi all, Thanks to my brother, I have become kind of obsessed with Studio Ghibli movies, My Neighbor Totoro in particular. I'd love to try my hand at amigurmi and would love to make a big one of Totoro. Does anyone happen to have a pattern for a 12in. one or bigger? Any and all help it appreciated! Thanks in advanced!!
  12. @RoseRed: Thanks! It's not my pattern but I am trying to make a purple version of the shawl for my mom for a Christmas present! I think I am just going to try the yarn I have now. My mom picked it out and the purple color is very close to the color of the Lupus ribbon so I am just gonna give it my best shot! I plan on changing a few things, like 2 rows of double crochet in between instead of 1, and will for sure use the tips given to me on my last post for how I do the ribbons and may add a small stabilizing set of stitches to both sides rather than alternating sides like the pattern does. But like redrosesdz said, it'll be my interpretation of it and it will be all the more special when I give it to my mom! @redrosesdz: I just went back and read your first post and yea, I have that same problem! Lol I saw a sewing pattern for a giant stuffed Toothless dragon plushie and when my family thought I was crazy for trying to make it.... I made it anyway! It turned out great lol. But sewing got old for me fast which is why I am now trying to go back to crocheting! Thank you all so very much for your help! I am already on my second row (it's 300 stitches wide yes I altered there too) so it'll be a while before I've finished it but I will for sure post about it when it's done with some pictures!
  13. Lol Thanks everyone! @redrosedz: I will totally do that next time! I wrapped my own by loosely wrapping it around my hand. I've made the mistake a few times when I tried crocheting years ago and my yarn was too tight. The book was referring to how the yarn itself was wound, not how I rewound it. So my big concern with starting the project again was that the yarn I got was originally loose and wanted to double check before I put too much time into it again. Thank you all for your help again! I am still pretty new to this so every little bit helps! Lol I actually have a sore hand from crocheting so much and so fast when I was making a scarf (which didn't turn out too well :/ ) but I am anxious to start a new project and now know what I did wrong last time and with the scarf! To quote Walt Disney- Keep Moving Forward! Thanks again!!
  14. Hi all, Well I am back again with another question..... I finished my last scarf project (which didn't turn out too great and need to get new yarn now... ) but I am now about to start the awareness ribbon shawl for my mom again and well I stumbled on something in a book.... The pattern I am using is using the Red Heart Super Saver yarn, which I don't really like because it's a bit coarse and synthetic feeling to me. Anyways, I bought a different yarn, same weight, both were worsted, the only difference was the brand and color.. Well I was reading a crochet book this morning (that I got years ago) and just stumbled onto a part that said, "You'll need to use a yarn similar to the one the pattern calls for" and then it says later on "A loosely spun yarn will look different from a yarn with a tighter twist". It hit me like a ton of bricks ... Does this mean that all the yarn I just bought and wound into a ball is too loosely wound that I can't use it for this project? I know Red Heart's Super Saver yarn is spun pretty tightly so I was wondering if I can't use it now or if I should just go for it (using the help and improv ideas that was given to me from you all on here before) and try making the shawl anyways? Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Here's the link to the pattern I am using again in case it'll be able to help at all! : http://naztazia.com/
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