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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. With the holidays coming up, ITS BEEN CRAZY!!! lol But as far as a picture, i can try to have my hubby help with it. Every angle I take the pictures at, the glossy wraps on them just reflect the light sources. Is there any of them in particular you may want pictures or did you want just one full pic of all of them. I see I didn't mention this before, but they are all unopened, unused.
  2. The bold print is the order the info is in underneath. Starts with Qty and ends in Yards or grams. I tried to post this as a spreadsheet and this is what I got back.....So I hope this helps...If not...I can try and find another way to post this tommorow but tonight I am pooped. I have not settled on a price yet but am willing to hear what you may offer.
  3. Qty Brand Name Described Color # Lot # Size Type Yards/Amount 3 DMC Traditions Light Peach 5754 105510 10 Thread 350 each 1 South Maid Red/white/blue 938 NA 10 Thread 300 each 1 Aunt Lydia's Wasabi 397 NA 10 Thread 350 each 2 South Maid Light Peach 424 NA 10 Thread 350 each 1 Caron Grandmas Best Christmas Green NA NA 10 Thread 300-350 each 3 South Maid Honeydew 668 NA 10 Thread 350 each 1 South Maid True Blue 482 NA 10 Thread 350 each 1 South Maid Myrtle Green 484 NA 10 Thread 350 each 1 Aunt Lydia's Chambray 1056 na 10 Thread 350 each 1 South Maid Spruce 179 na 10 Thread 350 each 1 Caron Grandmas Best Celadon 53 na 10 Thread 350 each 3 America's Best Christmas Green 65 9300 10 Thread 150 each 1 J&P Coats Forest Green 49 na 10 Thread 150 each 1 America's Best Rose 46 4203 10 Thread 150 each 1 America's Best Wheatstraw 10 8288 10 Thread 150 each 1 J&P Coats Rose ? ? ? Thread 300-350 each 1 J&P Coats Shaded Blues 13 na ? Thread 175 each 1 J&P Coats Canary Yellow 10A na ? Thread 150 each 2 DMC Cebelia Mint Green 955 229870 10 Thread 50G (?) 1 America's Best Camel 89 333 10 Thread 150 each 2 Peaches N Creme Mauve 48 7122 F Cotton Yarn 70.9g 1 Red Heart Super Fingerling White 1 A5930 ? Wool Yarn 1.0 oz
  4. So I had inherited a bunch of crochet thread, more than I can imagine trying to learn with. So I kept a small bunch and now have a bunch of crochet thread with nowhere to go. Theres also a few skiens of cotton yarn and one or two of wool yarn. I just didn't know if there was much interest in crochet thread here. Some look to be older brands, but there are some Caron threads and Grandmas bests (?). If theres a want for these I wont mind going through and making a list of the threads. Many of them are duplicates in the same lot. Leave a message below if I should make a list and if you have any interest in purchasing threads. Thanks.
  5. Found this awesome yarn.....bought three skiens for what I thought was my project, now i find its not. Found it out of town, somewhere we dont frequent alot, so its not like I can just go get some more. Looked online and almost everywhere I look, the shipping is the same aount as the yarn and charge shipping for each yarn, even though, they will all be delivered together. So looking to see if anyone has access to any and may be able to help a fellow artist out.
  6. These ideas are awesome! Thank you all! If you all have more ideas feel free to post, Also, what are some bad experiences or lessons we have learned from "Handles"?
  7. Hey there folks, It is I again! So as we all know, the holidays are coming up and I have been buckling down and decided that this year, everyone gets a homemade crocheted gift. So far, I was doing good with scarf and hat sets for my nieghbors kids, blankets and more galore. My creativity level is pretty high and I normally dont stumble on problems. So recently, I had made myself a netbook sleeve bag with a strap for easy carrying. Took me several attempts because the weight of the netbook vs the strap of the bag had a few pitfalls, needless to say that I eventually resolved that problem. Though in the midst of all of this, I had started making one of those oversized bags for my niece. It is about 18" wide about 12" tall and it billows out well in a relaxed state to allow alot of carrying items (or probably in her case, her two chiuahas). Now I finished the seemingly endless project today (FINALLY!) when my husband asked me what kind of handle or strap I'll be doing for this one. Thats when I blanked out and realized that it had never occured to me. I dont want the handles to look awkward on a large bag. I also dont want to make a strap that possibly could snap. I had thought about two lengthy straps criss crossed and attached to opposite walls of the bag, but now I really dont know. So what I am asking from you lovely people are handle suggestions, ideas, techniques, suggestions, comments, and opinions. Anything that can help "handle"-ing this subject. Please remember that everyone has different ideals, and opinions as well as techniques so I, o course, ask for respect, even if you dont agree. You can post tutorials and what not, but I am looking for more genuine offerings. After all, I too, can go to youtube and enter in a word and observe it all. So if theres something specific you are talking about that the video can help explain then feel free to post it with your post, I just dont need a list of youtube vids with no explanations or anyhing. Thanks guys and I cant wait to see what you all have to say and what you have come up with! CrochetAK
  8. The sent me a picture of him in church clothes with the hat on, laying on the afghan with his mommy. I would share it but I dont have their permissions to do so. But they really liked it, which warms my heart... I am content.
  9. So it finally happened. The day you go to the store with the intent to save money (while spending money) and win! So at the beginning of the month, we went into Joanns and once again I was in yarn heaven. Ideas were flinging, yarn was getting tossed in the cart at random. I dont know if your like me, but I will put several things in the cart, look it over and then proceed to put some back (where they belong of course), but this was one of those days. The ideas were just going so quickly before I noticed, the tiny carts they give you, was full. My husband laughed and asked if I was going to get all of that, it appeared to be over $100 to $200 worth of yarn. Sheepishly, I said no, then proceeded to grab a few more skiens that joined the cart. Needless to say, I went to the counter with my full cart, (this was a big deal to me after all, never have I bought so much yarn yet alone owned this much). I had made an agreement with myself and set myself with a limit of a double digit total, not a three digit total. All the while, I'm waiting for my husband to say something about how ridiculous this was or how crazy I am; none of which came. Scan, scan, scan and the total was three digits. Then I remembered coupons and competetitors coupons and went diving into my phone. The cashier seemed less than pleased but what do you expect from a teenager dressed in a leopard print body suit and teen angst dripping from every pore. In the end though, I felt like I conquered the yarn venture this time with a total amount spent being $77.89 and a massive savings of $67.74. Yes....now I feel better about this yarn pandemic. To top it off, my husband swiped his card before I could pull mine out, so proud he was of me and he left with a bigger smile than he did going in. He says this will be a tale for his book he will one day publish called "How to be a Real Man".
  10. So my husband and his coworkers have been some of my best models as of late, I simply have been making things for specific people and giving it to them. And they all tell me they get awesome reactions from clients and strangers alike. Several have handed out my email address and now Im being asked to quote projects. Its awesome that people want to buy my work, I dont have alot of confidence though I'm told alot that I dont allow myself full credit. I have looked around, read some articles and tips here and there but it seems they all contradict one another, leving someone like me standing in a circle with the possibility of shorting myself or overpricing possible future clients. I'm not in buisness per se, though the thought of selling items has crossed my mind frequently. So I suppose I'm asking for people to leave some advice below. What do you normally charge for projects? Do you have a pricing tale that I could learn from? How does one prepare to have a table of stand somewhere to sell, such as bazaars, etc? When does one know they are ready to sell their items? Please leave whatever could benefit me ( or another like me) and have a wonderful day! CrochetAK
  11. So my husband is a Veteran and he is obsessive about emptying his pockets of coins. He is also very much into skulls and all that "scary" (to many people) stuff. Sooooo..... I wandered into Micheals pre-halloween, and I found this awesome jar with an awesome topper. Needless to say he loved it. I gave it to him to look over, and thats when it happened. His wedding ring clanged off the glass, startling him, and almost creating a glass jar collage on the floor. Handing it back to me, he gave me the look of " Me and glass just dont mix" look and jested that I could make a cozie for it and it will prolly be safe. So I did. He fell in love with it, just loooooved the dog tags. Now he wants it to have a handle!
  12. I made this baby boy afghan for my husbands supervisor who sneakily had their baby a few weeks after I had mine. He also recieved matching leg warmers and matching hat but i forgot to take pictures of of them.
  13. This is very helpful in many ways and I thank you all for your opinions and experience, while I still encourage others to voice theirs as well still. In Anchorage, I have had some good experiences and some bad ones involving the hunt for bargains on yarn. It has been quite the adventure and struggle all in one. Where I am located, I am near a Micheals, Joanns, Walmart and Fred Meyers (aka Kroger for some). I have been to all four, each leaving a different taste in my mouth. My first yarn adventure was when my husband and I went to Walmart. I picked out several skeins, each of a different color but all were Red Heart. In my defense, I was very new still and learned from this experience to grab a couple, for they may not be there when you want them again. I don't know if its because we are so far north that shipments are ever constantly delayed or lost, or if my local Walmarts just forget to take inventory of the yarn section; which is also not even a full aisle mind you. There for when I returned to acquire more of previous said colors, they were not there, nor were they there for two months. I think my most disappointing time though was when I went to Micheals. I had heard that I was able to stack coupons there as well as use competitors coupons there. So it was my birthday, received a gift card, my husband gave me some cash. I hunted down the best day for the sales, had my stack of Micheals coupons, and my stack of other coupons. I was so excited, i thought I had figured it all out and was going to make a grand escape with a ton of yarn for a little tiny price. I go in, I am shopping, I stack my tiny cart full of skeins, my husband sneaks in a crochet book. We go to check out and find that out of all my coupons, i could only use 1 micheals coupon only. That was all. I must of had this look of "exploding head syndrome" or something because then she said that she would let my husband use one as well in a separate transaction. That being said, i put the yarn on the counter silently, my husband takes the book. I get rung up and pay, my husband hands the book and coupon over, only to be told that the coupons do not work on purchasing the books in the store. Needless to say, I have not returned since. My husband is also all over town all day when he is working, so he will occasionally stop in to Fred Meyers and take a look at the yarn and crochet hooks, (I think he is just trying to find stuff I don't have) when low and behold he found the color yarn I couldn't find at Walmart. Of course he bought one to show me, told me the bin was full. we went back a few days later in tow to buy a few more only to find that they of course are out. But then I saw a bin of Lions Brand Landscapes. It said $1.99 each, and next to it was a 20% off coupon. Again, I thought that I had found my deal. I had never worked with something so soft either and the ideas were flowing. I grabbed three of two different kinds (they had perfect lot numbers) and coupons, determined as ever. Go to check out, and they are $5.99 each with one 20% off coupon. I showed the manager the problem I was having just to be told there's nothing he could do. I admit, I had fallen in love with the yarn and guiltily still bought it. This is where the lesson of looking at the yardage came in to play, but that's a story for another time. Thus far, my only good experience was with Joanns. I can use competitors coupons, competitors sale prices, multiple coupons from multiple companies all at once. I went in and grabbed a good $50 worth of yarn, went to check out and used my coupons and with the sale prices. I saved $26 dollars spent $24. I have been a Joanns fan since. They have a huge selection and a wonderful staff. Even the cashiers try to give you saving advice. Admittedly, I haven't bought yarn online yet, I fear it wont be what I think it is. Like it may look soft and fluffy but really be course and itchy. And this is the reason why I asked for advice and opinions so please everyone, keep them coming because I cant learn without YOUR knowledge! Thank you all! CrochetAK PS I haven't checked small local yarn companies. I do support local, but never thought that would be a local shoppe ideal. So thank you for that and I will see what I can come up with.
  14. How do you all save money on yarn or find the best deals on yarn? Do you prefer in store or online? If instore...what stores? If online...preferred sites? Help someone knew learn a few tricks of the buying game!
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