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    T Rex

    this a dragon toy--maybe you could modify it? http://home.inreach.com/marthac/dragon.html
  2. that would be fabulous! I will check back. I am currently doing sc in the round mittens with worsted and an F hook. Hopefully I'll be able to learn with these and come up with a glove one if need be
  3. thank you for trying, but this would be the elusive crochet pattern...if I don't find one I am winging it and I will post the pattern anyone else?
  4. I had a pattern bookmarked called "happy hooker gloves with sock yarn" but I now need to have a MSN username/password to access it. Does anyone know of a free or internet purchasable pattern for gloves made with sock yarn? Thanks in advance....I have some "memories in geranium" on the way from knitpicks and I want to be prepared (me standing on the porch waiting to greet the mail)
  5. I am loving this forum's threads thanks for all the welcomes--from the northern coast of the U.S. off to read more--where's the multi-tasking smiley for crochetting while nursing at the keyboard?
  6. Love the hook smiley! (translation) I look forward to chatting and crochetting with all of you. I have been crochetting for about 10 years and I have recently branched out from afghans to baby items, cold weather accessories, and Christmas gifts. I can't wait to read through the forums and see what you guys are working on. I have two coming shipments of more yarn to add to my stash....they are travelling as we speak from ds from dd1
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