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  1. Yes, its still going on. I've been really busy in the last few weeks, so haven't had any time for crocheting, but I haven't forgotten it. There's really no set pattern we're doing, just make what you like, and show everyone your work. If you have any problems with a perticular pattern, bring it up, and discuss it. I think thats all we ever started this CAL on. Happy crocheting!
  2. Its certainly not too late to join. I have a feeling we're all still a little busy from the holidays, so we (especially I) are taking it slowly. Still working on my few things, cause now I've gotten a couple more requests.
  3. Well, I've finished a 'shroom, a snail, and an adooooooooorable little bunny (snail and bunny my own designs) and I was going to try to design something else, but my grandmother of all people has just asked me to make her an ami-inu (i use the same pattern as amineko, but make it into a dog istead). So I guess I'll be conquering that soon.
  4. Hmmm... I haven't checked here for a couple of days and find two more pages here. lol Ok, well, I'm fine with everyone doing the same pattern, or just whatever they want (this is my first crochet along, but as amigurumis are all i do, i really wanted to do this ) And yes, if you need any help with a pattern that we're not doing, just give a yell. I'm sure there's heaps of helpful experineced people on here
  5. Glad so many are interested.. Ok, well, I made a Shroom last night, from http://crochetme.com/shroom. I love it so much, I think I'll do another one for this CAL. Will let you know how it goes... Ooo... perhaps we can post picutures of our progress and completed work?
  6. Sounds good to me! Can I make a request/suggetion? That this include our original designs. Cause i'm working on alot of my own stuff at the moment, trying to get up a few that i can sell, so that'd be just great if we could do that.
  7. Well, it looks like we've got some interest in this CAL. So what do you all want to do? It seems most of you want to make a cat (Amineko). I've made a few of these and even slightly modified it into a dog for a dog loving friend, so I don't mind doing it again, or doing something else. What do you guys want to do ?
  8. Hey All, Would anyone be interested in another Amigurumi CAL? (I hadn't joined when you did the last one, and I'd just love to do one). If so, please let me know if you're interested, either through a post here, or a PM, and we'll work out which pattern/s to do. Thanks
  9. Welcome from Australia! Great to see the guys getting into the crafts too!
  10. Hi, I started designing my own patterns a couple of months ago, and it turned out just how i imagined it! You'll probly find that once you get it right its actually much easier than it looks, or, I did at least anyway. Tonight for instance, a picture of a flower came into mind - colours and all. I just started, and it turned out perfect. Its not quite as hard to design your own stuff as it seems, and I'm only a basic crocheter even. Give it a try, and see what happens. :)
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