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  1. Dollygk

    Crochet Magazines in 147 Languages

    Hi Kathy, now that you mention it, it did sound too good to be true and legal..... sorry!
  2. Hey All, have you discovered [link removed by admin]... they have a treasure of crochet magazines in 147 languages!!! Thousands of crochet patterns in graph form from magazines like Magic Crochet, Decorative Crochet and too many others to list, including Coats & Clarks vintage magazines in written patterns. Many Many magazine titles from many many European countries with patterns. You have to register but then you can download as many designs as you like... Enjoy!!!
  3. Dollygk

    Thread Doilies

    Hello crocheters.... I finished the long doily this week, I'm very happy with the results! I also finished other doilies and a set of coasters, all are made using DMC Petra perl cotton size No. 5 and a 2.5 mm hook. In the frame, my brother and I when I was 3-4? Then there is my first dream catcher but it was nothing like my expectations he he Thanks for looking!
  4. Dollygk

    Some more Guetermann sewing thread doilies in apricot

    Hi Veronica, I can only imagine how light and delicate each doily is because you are using sewing thread. Such beautiful work, do you use glasses or a magnifying glass?? Such tiny work... Dolly
  5. Dollygk


    Thank you for the help!!
  6. Dollygk


    Thank you for your comments, sadly I have not figured out how to reply to each individual post so forgive me!! Dolly
  7. Dollygk


    Hi Crocheters, I've made some snowflakes for gifts when I visit my sister during the holidays. Six each for a neighbor, a lovely 90 year old and for my sister. Try as hard as I could the pictures do not show that there is silver glitter on them but I'm sure with the twinkling lights on the tree that they will show. I followed a tip and used equal parts of white glue and water (plus the silver glitter) and after pinning the snowflakes onto the cardboard, I painted each, they dried really stiff and great!! Thanks for looking!!
  8. Dollygk

    My work so far

    2manythreads, THANKYOU for the pattern, I will definately give this a try!!!
  9. Dollygk

    Eight new doilies made with Elisa thread size 20

    Veronica, did you ever think to sell your work on Esty? I'm a crochet for pleasure person and could never be kept to any schedule LOL Crochet is a great hobby because you can carry your work anywhere!
  10. Dollygk

    Eight new doilies made with Elisa thread size 20

    Veronica, what do you do with all your doilies? You seem to make quite a few!! REALLY lovely work.
  11. Dollygk

    Runner Multiple times

    Hey all, This runner was first made according to the original pattern but then I made smaller ones and then used the pineapple for coasters. Then I added a fourth pineapple to enlarge the runner for a dinning room table. I had to play again and I just finished a vanity set as well, not bad for a single pattern LOL
  12. Dollygk

    Vanity Sets

    Hi Crochetville-ers, I've been making Vanity sets, here are the results, as usual they are in No. 5 DMC Peatra thread.... thanks for looking!
  13. Dollygk

    My work so far

    Great job on the wheat doily for a clock!!
  14. Dollygk

    Two doilies made with Guetermann sewing thread C Ne 50

    Such beautiful work you do... do you like punishing yourself???
  15. Dollygk

    A new Gütermann sewing thread doily