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  1. Wendi789

    MM Cascading colours 98309

    I finished it. I watched the YouTube vids and followed the pattern exactly. There is something wrong with this pattern. I got 3 perfect points of a rectangle. The last corner looked like stairs. I ended up starting a second pattern and carefully attached rows 1 - 5 to my original blanket. I also have a smaller throw than the pattern states but my tension is fairly tight. Thanks to those that posted responses.
  2. Wendi789

    MM Cascading colours 98309

    Thanks. It appears to be taking the correct shape. I will keep going and hopefully it will work out.
  3. Wendi789

    MM Cascading colours 98309

    Thank you. I will go back and follow the pattern. I kept thinking it was a square but I couldnt see how it would get there with that left side going straight up and the right side stil going triangle. I found the decrease rows and it just didn't look right.
  4. Has anyone done this pattern? It's worked like a triangle but I get to row 69 the left side goes vertical the right side continues on as a triangle pattern.
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    Just testing.