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  1. Hi Amy - I actually am the one that attempted to ask a question on the "Unveiling" of the new logo on the blog, yet my comment was deleted. I see only gushing comments are there now. I asked what does "empowerment" mean? I probably did not ask in a humble tone, but it was, and is, a genuine question. I, for one, am not into Mindfulness, I know it was a "thing" in Silicon Valley about 10 years ago, until the local populace got the jist of it and it lost its popularity. The mindfulness (I call it MindLessness) people tried to introduce it into unsuspecting children at a preschool and kindergarten until the parents found out about it. The mindfulness people pretended whatever they were doing was completely innocent, and that they were just spreading love, equality, and etc etc around. Anyway that's all I have to say on the subject.
  2. This comment is great. Say, if you've counted all your stitches along the way, and you've not missed any or increased any, then block it severely! lol. Then, go ahead and give the gift just like Redrosesdz says. Everything I make from my crafts are meant to be gifts eventually- that is, virtually everything I make is for someone else - except for my mistakes : I only keep my "mistakes". I don't have too many but there are a few. Can I share a secret on how I acquire my yarns? I hit up all the thrift stores in town. Sometimes I find nothing, or only some ugly discontinued acrylics that are half used up, and sometimes I find a garbage bag sized package full of mohairs and angoras (this happened) I have one bedroom used for my crafts, and the closets are packed almost to ceiling in it for yarns of all kinds- all good yarns, no icky stuff. I have a very large quilt bag full of mohairs and kashmir yarns, new in package from thrift store for a few hundreds dollars. I do not "flip" - I figure hey if I had to buy this yarn myself, it would break me, so why not use all of this for my gifts: Christmas, babies, birthdays weddings etc. Like I said, I have even found a discontinued yarn I absolutely love and thought I would never find again! Found some at a Hospice thrift store- wow what a lucky find. My secret about thrift or second hand stores is visiting ones that have a larger retired/elderly population, as they will take in the older people's donations, and crochet/knitting seems to be more of a "Granny hobby" you know what I mean. If you live in an area with many retired people you are lucky, I am in Phoenix and there are a lot of older folks, and people just pass by the bags of great yarns in the thrifts as it is so hot here, people don't buy yarns to make winter clothing- leaves more for me! Also, knitting and crochet are not popular here for some reason. I don't know why the crafts thing is rare here, seems everyone's missing out on this wonderful craft!! anyway, that is my secret. The best place I found and has lowest prices is the Hospice thrift store. Also, the Goodwill stores are kind of selective on the items they carry- for instance, the Goodwill closest to me specializes/sells a lot of used electronics. The one further down into town carries mostly furniture. The one by my post office carries most of the crafts/yarn/patterns- so I know which ones to go to on my list. Keep going! that is the trick- you have to go often, and it does not matter what time you go- they say "go early" but they re-stock throughout the day, putting new things out in the afternoon and at night too. I would not be able to afford my hobby at all if I bought new yarn all of the time. It is EXPENSIVE- some patterns needing 14 skeins of even the cheapest yarn run into hundreds of dollars- and I cannot justify spending all of that for a pattern I may give as a gift, and sadly, not every gift is cherished as I hope it would be by SOME relatives (who shall go unnamed and are scratched off my hand made gift list from now on) Give the blanket- if you've counted your stitches, and you haven't made any accidental decreases or increases, block it severely and violently- but give it any way. Tell the mother what you've run into that it won't "line up" for some reason even though it's not a foul up, it will not matter to her OR the baby at all, as they won't be using it "folded up" anyway!
  3. I know they won't post my comment on the "unveiling of our new logo" because the posts are moderated and all of the comments about it are positive. I had to laugh reading the "unveiling" with all of the new -age, woo woo stuff that "went into the design" (their words) apparently, the new logo is to "empower and embolden" << Wha..?? What exactly does that MEAN, exactly? So, the new logo is to "encourage empathy" and so on- oh it all seems just so silly and weird. I think whomever made the new logo (which looks more old fashioned than the OLD logo, in my opinion) put WAYyYYYY too much thought- and thought I can only imagine came out of a United Nations "plan for re-districting year 2020" sales pitch, or a glossy ad for a Bikram Yoga or Mindfulness center than a crochet forum. By the way, don't be fooled by the words they use, they do not mean the same as WE know them.. all that empowerment stuff. It seems well intentioned, but their definition is not the same as what we think it is. Just look it up. anyway, my two cents- and I have a funny feeling this post will be removed shortly, or not appear at all! Some people cannot handle criticism- so much for "empathy" or "emboldening" right? We'll see.
  4. Eddycat the "wheat" doily is from Alice Brooks booklet #7151, as "doily No. 3". I remembered it because it is one Ive set aside in my documents folder as a "to-do" for later It is in the public domain. I am partial to wheat and similar type designs, they seem so pastoral and "American" to me. I am attaching the pdf from Antique Pattern Library, hopefully the file comes through ok! Like I said, it is in the public domain. I would like to collect old pamphlets and booklets of patterns, I used to see them everywhere in second hand stores and things, but now that Ive taken up the hobby I almost never find them. The best places I have found them for sale are in hospice charity shops, or charity thrift stores that are set up to benefit the elderly, as they are the ones most likely to have them (for obvious reasons) there is a Hospice Thrift shop near me that almost always has vintage patterns, discontinued yarns, crochet thread and vintage crafts for very very cheap prices. I am in Arizona and there is a large retired population here, and it seems all of the older women knitted and crocheted. I get sad when I visit the shops and see all of their things, probably from an estate, and think oh no, another lady who made beautiful things is gone on, will anyone take her place? I know it sounds weird. I really enjoy seeing the old patterns. Thank you for sharing these are wonderful to see, made by someone recently and not a blurry black and white photo from 70 years ago AliceBrooks7151(1).pdf
  5. Like redrose I too am partial to pineapple motifs. I play with patterns too, I find some large placemats or doilies on the free vintage crochet site, and if I will modify them in some way or make smaller ones for beverage mats/coasters. The runner is sooo pretty. Oh- and I have yet to see any in anyone's home or pictures of houses, unless it is picture of one of those "retro design" houses. Looks like we need more doilies!
  6. A one day project?? Any one of those would take me a week, if I only worked them an hour or two each day. My trouble is I still find mistakes a few rows down, and have to unravel the rows and start anew. I am not expert yet but getting better. But just like Dollygk says- you could maybe sell them. You could have owners of your doilies all over the world, you make them while you travel, and sell them along the way. The woman responsible for the LACIS company, she is now deceased but supported herself during WWII making doilies for American GI's that they sent "back home" as gifts for loved ones.
  7. Rnd 5: Sl st across first ch-3 YES JUST SLIP STITCH PAST THIS FIRST CH 3 SPACE, DONT CROCHET INTO THIS FIRST ONE- SLIP STITCH IS JUST KIND OF LIKE "WALKING ACROSS" WITHOUT MAKING A STITCH INTO IT, JUST LIKE SOMEONE SAID EARLIER (was it grannysquared or roses? Im using caps lock to differentiate between myself and the pattern, ok? and cl ( CLUSTER)and into next ch-3 sp, ch 1, * ([sc, ch 3] twice, sc) all in ch-3 sp, ch 3, split cl, ch 3; rep from * around; join. Fasten off. I hope this makes sense, sorry this is so late I barely log on to this site
  8. I'm not a senior crocheter! But I just typed it out to make it easier- since it is in UK do we need to REPLACE the tr.s with DC, and the DC to SC?? I DID NOT DO THIS*** SO PLEASE DO SO IF IT IS REQUIRED Row 4: Skip 1st st, 1 s.s. (single stitch) into each next 3 stitches. Ch 6. *Skip 2 tr.s, 1 d.c. into next sp (chain space I assume?) that's between the tr.s, ch 3, skip next 2 tr.'s,1 tr into next tr., (skip 2 tr, 1 dc, 2 tr), 1 tr into next tr, ch 3, repeat from * ending with skip 2 tr, 1 dc into next space between tr., ch 3, skip 2 tr.s, 1 tr into next tr., skip last 3 sts, turn. Parentheses are used to indicate a group of stitches that are to be worked together into a stitch, thus creating a shell or flower or what have you. << as someone already said- I'm just posting that for reference I only typed this out using clearer terms- hope it helps- you're going to need to replace each st such as "d.c." with "s.c." IF that is needing to be translated from UK crochet into American. Is this not correct? I thought UK patterns wrote them differently, as in up one stitch from ours.
  9. magiccrochetfan is right. I wouldn't mix yarn weights in the same pattern myself though. It won't look right, and the stitches won't line up properly. You'll have to change hooks too, or get big wide loose stitches with the smaller yarn, and too tight with the thicker one. I'm telilng you it won't work, but maybe someone else has other advice.
  10. ratdog I do BOTH. I find myself blocking doilies and filets before I'm done with them, just so they won't be all scrunched or get twisted when I am trying to finish them I started doing this when I stupidly accidently created a "Mobius infinity doily" making Empire Luncheon Set ps- very cute vintage pattern my sister is commissioning me to make- AND I have some 100% linen from an old unworn dress from the thrift store for the inserts! Yay!) . You won't hurt it to block it twice, but are you using pins to pin it in place when you block? They aren't completely necessary, but you'll need to if you want it to be blocked in a certain shape. I have a neat trick I made up to help in blocking round doilies (I know yours is a rectangle) I use a basketball! I wet the doily and spread it out on a clean basketball so the gravity pulls out the rounds naturally. MUCh easier and a cleaner result than trying to lay it flat with a thousand pins, and it never does seem to get into a perfect shape unless I use the ball. After it's mostly dried, I then spread it out onto a flat surface and pin if I NEED to. I also use Epsom Salts for fabric stiffener, its cheaper and something I already have in the house instead of having to buy stiffener. There's no set recipe, but I use a small small container with water and about a 3rd part Epsom Salts, slush the doily around in it then gently squeeze out the excess, then pin or lay it to dry. if anyone wants the pattern I am making- and I hope to post photos today, its http://freevintagecrochet.com/doily-patterns/spool67/empire-luncheon-set-pattern
  11. ChatterPatter we are alike, when I see an interesting pattern I buy it, even though I really do not know how to sew clothing! I have a brand new Janome sewing machine, all the goodies like the special "feet" Ive picked up here and there- special sequins feet, edging feet, you name it- I have threads of all colors and thicknesses. I LOVE the idea of being able TO sew, I fantasized about making all of my own high fashion clothing where people would remark Wow, you MADE this??? well.... lol reality is nothing near my mind fantasies. There is a book I just ordered off of Amazon called "The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction"- anything by this "Bishop Method" publication is fantastic, and the prices of the books reflect that (one from 1960s, not a thick book, goes for 191USD used!!!) Ive always wanted this book because it shows you really well how to actually make the clothes, in very simple and instructive ways that make it very easy to understand. Notice how all the GOOD books are really really expensive??? sigh.... darnit Also- in the patterns themselves just like GrannySquare says they have instructions on what all the symbols mean printed right on it. Plus- like someone else says, you can make it how YOU want it, and learn off of yourself and mistakes, there is no sewing police going to come and tell you that youve done it wrong << that phrase I stole/copied from one of you ladies lol-maybe Granny Square? not sure lol sorry I too am going to save GrannySquares informative comment to my computer to look at later for reference
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torchon_lace and https://books.google.com/books?id=oU6AEikC-WMC&pg=PA67&dq=torchon+lace&lr=&as_brr=3&client=opera&sig=Kg43uywXINaAuycLsVov2kEqakE If this was kept in an old cedar chest, KEEP it in there. It may be over a century old (or not!) this is the kind of example we will see in museums. Finished Pieces: They are as cheap as dirt on eBay- Ive no idea why! The hours and skill involved are priceless.
  13. Well, again and my apologies to the OP, and I DO hope she got her issue sorted out- to me, buying a crochet pattern is akin to buying a recipe: doesn't make sense. I personally do not feel they are worth even selling! yes people "work hard" to make up a pattern. I work hard, coming up with good dinners (and I am a very good cook) whether or not I should be paid for them, owed money for them as it were, because I figured out to add x amount of nutmeg to fettucini, or 17 rows of half double crochet, is all the same to me. That is my opinion! You, and everybody else on the planet is free to disagree with me, and I do understand why they would. That, is the other reason I think it just funny how someone can sell one pattern- one! not a leaflet or pamphlet mind you, but one single pattern for some up to 7.99 plus baffles me. That's all, rant over and I'm not angry or look down upon pattern sellers and designers, I know most? went to school, and so on, and feel they're owed it. Sure sure, I just don't thats all! No hard feelings. edit- like, look at this girl,Sammielily2, she can't even post a bit of the pattern for fear she'll what, get sued?? Get banned? ridiculous. Poor thing has to beat around bushes, hint at things, make secret code signals to get help for this pattern, that she PAID for! (she probably got helped by the designer by now I assume? sure hope so) anyway, that's it. Then there's the woman who literally used the same exact images from Archive.org (NOT the designer in question here SammieLily2 has issue with pattern!), for "HER" patterns, that she threatens anyone with legal mumbo jumbo if they DARE re-sell, or do whatever with "her" patterns, on every image (that she got for free) she plasters her "company name" her name, or something other- across the image like a watermark. These people, some act as if you are stealing the formula for the polio vaccine. The vaccine that Salk declined putting a patent on, so that everyone could have free access to it. A scientist. Not a "ch 3, dc next 2 sts" guy. EDIT and this is kind of toward MagicCrochetFan I dont' think designers shouldn't be paid. I disagree with the whole "digital single pattern" per fee thing. I disagree with an online, digital pattern being something of value, actually. Ive seen the most simple patterns such as the ubiquitous Spider Web Doily which you can get for free anywhere, for sale for 8$ on a crochet spot type website. I will gladly pay 9.99 for a crochet magazine that has patterns in it. In fact I just did. I will buy pamphlets, books, leaflets, whatever- but pay 7.99 for a digital something no way. Seems not right to me and I was being sarcastic about the OP afraid to post part of the pattern, I think everybody got my point, wasn't trying to cause a big rift. I was ranting, and kind of angry about the fact she couldn't post part of her pattern she had an issue with, and nobody could look at the pattern in question without having purchased it themselves. THAT is the issue.
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