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    I love being a mom and a wife. My son is awesome and my hubby is my best friend!
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    N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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    I volunteer at my local Humane Society shelter 3 days a week, I crochet, love the beach life...
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    Freelance writer/graphics artist
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    crazy scarves
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    Since I was a kid...off an on
  1. If you have time, put some puffy paint dots on the bottom for a non-slip surface...since hospital floors are so slippery. Best to you!!
  2. Thank you all for the kind replies.
  3. Yeah, it's a really pretty color, but I wish I would have spent a few $ to get better yarn because I found this one to be splitty and just kinda icky to work with. It's Bernat Baby Softee in Soft Lilac. I wish my wallet matched my tastes in yarns! LOL
  4. This is the Mukoso scarf that I tested for Nina-Kate. It was fun, easy, and worked up pretty fast. I need to move the buttons, I think...I was tired when I did them...and sorry about cropping off the bottom...I should just let hubby take the pics from now on. LOL Thanks, Nina-Kate, for letting me test this pattern.
  5. Oh my! LOL I am using Bernat Baby Softee in Soft Lilac as well. It just looked right for this scarf.
  6. I also tested this pattern and found it to be clearly written and it's working up so nicely. It's a beautiful pattern! Wish I could finish as fast as DreamsOfYarn, but work picked up like crazy yesterday. I will definitely be making a few of these as gifts for my sister, SIL, and MIL.
  7. What size squares is everyone using for this?
  8. I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE this and would PROUDLY drape it over my couch where everyone would see it!! Gorgeous!
  9. OOOOH! I love this one so much!! Thanks to everyone for the great links I can bookmark.
  10. Thanks so much! I didn't check back here until today...almost forgot I had asked here. LOL
  11. The shelter I work in has a 90 year old woman who delivers a sackful of cat snuggles every couple of months that she's made.
  12. Anyone have any links to free patterns for one of those cute-sy hats with ear flaps and pom-poms that hang down the sides?? TIA! Michele ~
  13. Heart...it started out as the 12 in. kaleidescope flower square from the Crochet Poet's pattern collection, but I must crochet tight, because it was nowhere near 12 inches, so at about 8 inches, I winged it...LOL.
  14. can someone please guide me to the post that tells how to do "clickable" images?
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