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  1. Thanks, appreciate the help .. I think i have it right now. Shawny
  2. Hi All, I just registered for this forum because I saw that helpful information is posted here. I'm also new to crochet. I bought the Boye "I taught myself to crochet" book and using it plus a lot of youtubes I've managed to get through several of the patterns successfully. I made the poncho (gave that to my mom.. ); I made the textured jacket for one of my daughters; I've started the Striped Throw for the other daughter and it's going well (so far). However, i'm currently working on pattern 16- Soft Sage Camisole-. I managed to figure out the Lower section and get that completed. It turned out really well. However, I'm struggling with the pattern for the Camisole Top. The instructions say: Rnd 1 (RS): Join yarn with a sl st in the same ch as beg ch-3 of lower section-Rnd 1. I understand what it's telling to me to do as far as the abbrv. etc, but i don't know how to find that rnd and that beg ch 3 on my work. Can someone help me out? Thanks
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