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  1. Are You Up For The Challenge? If you are new to crochet flowers, this is your chance to try your hooks at something new. Best of all, its's FREE! Look out... you might just get hooked :) There will also be a secret GIVEAWAY that everyone who participates will receive. Just share your finished project, and you will automatically receive the giveaway ;) Notes: * Please remember that these are the colors that resonated with me and gave me a happy vibration, you can use these colors if you'd like, or you can gather your
  2. Hi everyone! I am Leticia coming from the U.S. Virgin Islands. I am a crochet flower designer. I love making flowers and I work very to get my patterns as closest to nature as possible. I love flowers as they tend to always put a smile on my face. I'm glad to be a part this community.
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