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  1. Welcome... back!! =) I hope you are enjoying the new things you are finding.
  2. Thanks. I will! Hoping to put the order in within a couple days (I want to make sure the new house closes like it's supposed to before things get shipped there. lol).
  3. I was wondering if anybody had/knew where to find paganism symbol patterns. I'd like to be simple (as I'm a beginner). I was thinking of making a smaller item for a friend of mine. I'd say something about the size of a tea towel, so it can be framed and hung up if she chooses as well. Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks for linking to the original post with pattern. I love this and the color you decided to use! You can def find it in a mess
  5. Thank you all so much for all the links, advice and help! I've added a load of different colors of Super Saver Yarn to my cart and a set of both Boye and Bates hooks... for about the same price as the original items. I can't purchase yet but hopefully I'll have even more things I can add to the list/cart before I can order. )
  6. Just been searching on Amazon for Bates/Boye aluminum hooks. I've found these sets: Bates: http://www.amazon.com/Susan-Bates-Silvalume-Crochet-Pouch/dp/B000XZYISM/ Boye: http://www.amazon.com/Boye-6281-6-Piece-Aluminum-Crochet/dp/B00KKV3K3S Unknown (to me): http://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Crochet-Hook-14pcs-2-0mm-10-0mm/dp/B00EL9IK8U I may get both sets (or all three) and testing them all. I'm curious on if the needles have both MM and US size on them? I've seen some that only have MM (like the original ones I posted) and some with just the US Size letter.
  7. Thank you for your advice as well, Becky. Your reply came in as I was typing mine. I never thought to look at Goodwill and places like that. I've already been browsing the patterns one here and have saved some of them on Ravelry. I know that I can't do any of them quite yet but I am adding to my collections so when I get better. =) I think I'd like my first project to be a coin purse, scarf or finger-less gloves/sleeves. I forgot to mention, when I was little, I used these things (my gran had them, still does somewhere): http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/151819476220?ul_noapp=true&chn=ps&lpid=82 I also highly enjoyed needlepoint sets. They used to sell them at Big Lots, haven't seen them in years though.
  8. Thanks so much for all the helpful information and links everybody! At the moment, I have to purchase online only (I don't drive and there isn't public transit where I am currently), hopefully that will change though, as I'm moving, and it looks like I'll be on a bus route or have access to Uber/Lyft/Taxi if needed. I can also get a ride from CABVI (I'm blind in my left eye) once or twice a month in the new location. So, hopefully that means I'll be able to get out to shops and actually feel the hooks in my hand. I prefer books as well. I find things online and then look for them in the library (this may change as the new location isn't by the library. i'm within a few miles walking of the library where i am now) to see if they have them. I also prefer videos if something isn't making sense to me in a book or magazine. =) Just by looking I feel like I would like the grip and feel like the ones I linked too, but may get a few single aluminum ones to test them out. I saw a kit on Amazon that includes 3-4 in different sizes, yarn and pattern.. I think the project was a scarf. I can't remember at the moment. Oops.
  9. I'm sorry if this isn't in the correct spot. I read the descriptions under the headings and this seemed like the best area. If I'm mistaken, please feel free to move to correct spot. I don't have any tools yet and can't get any for about a month, so I am trying to learn as much as I can before I get tools (if that makes sense). I was searching Amazon for tools, books, etc. As a new user, I have a couple of questions (two of them will link to Amazon items, and will be essentially the same question). 1a. Since I've never crocheted before which kind of hooks do you recommend? I've seen a lot of good things about soft grip (which is what one of my questions will be about), yet all of the 'how-tos' or beginning sets I find on Amazon use aluminum hooks (the sets even come with a couple, a book/project and yarn to do that project). 1b. Would you recommend purchasing one of these 'all in one' sets since I've never crocheted before? 2. I found this crochet set on Amazon. It includes 44 pieces (with bag). It's by a company called Rosemary. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XTPPEPY/ Would this be a good value? Does anybody know the quality of Rosemary items (I couldn't find any others on Amazon). 3. The other question, is about yarn. I'd like to get bonbons to start with as they come in a variety of colored sets for a pretty decent price (in my opinion). They are also smaller and I'd be doing small projects at first since I'm just learning. I found this set of 20 bonbons from a company called TYH. I've heard of them (a little). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XLP2UGI Is this a good option? Since I'm not sure of the type of projects I'd like to do yet (small, easy lol), I'm not sure which types of yarn I should be looking for. Hopefully by posting links, I don't miss my chance to get these items if ya'll think the value is there, LOL. Thanks so much in advance!!
  10. Thank you all so much for the warm welcomes!
  11. Hi! I'm Valerie from Ohio. I'm very new here, haven't even purchased any tools yet! Can't wait to be able to do so though! Just learning what I can until I can purchase the tools needed to start
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