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    Around 20 years
  1. You're welcome Cindy! Your stars are gorgeous and I'm happy you enjoyed the pattern!
  2. That's a great idea for them greyhoundgrandma! I might just do that myself this year!
  3. Oooh I love this! I've always been nuts over Celtic knots! Great job and I admire your patience to create it!
  4. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you all like them
  5. Shared my Christmas star ornament free crochet pattern on my blog today! You can whip up a bunch of these in no time flat to decorate your Christmas tree! http://www.thepaintedhinge.com/2015/11/14/christmas-star-ornament-free-crochet-pattern/
  6. They are approximately 4" long and wide at the widest points (not including the stem).
  7. Hello! I'm Michelle and blog over at The Painted Hinge. I would like to share my Fall Leaves Crochet Pattern with you: http://www.thepaintedhinge.com/2015/08/31/fall-leaves-free-crochet-pattern/
  8. Hello there! I'm Michelle and I blog over at The Painted Hinge. I found this forum because another member was nice enough to post a link for one of my crochet patterns. I'm 47 yo, married, no kids but a lot of fur babies. My hubs and I live in a farmhouse out in the country. Besides crochet, I love to knit, garden, craft, and decorate, which is why I started a home and garden blog! I am also an eccentric weirdo, because I'm a computer programmer currently pursuing my MS in Computer Science, I love to bass fish, play survival horror video games, and watch anime! I'm glad that I found this sit
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