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  1. This is a free crochet pattern and 2 videos showing how to crochet and assemble the rattle. The pattern is here [link] The videos are here [link]
  2. Hi Lisa I already made this pattern, you can see it here: http://www.mosterjohanne.dk/portfolio/baby_stjerne/ God dag : D
  3. Thank you for your lovely comments, I will be sure to upload some pictures as soon as I can : ) Thank you, those are wonderful ideas! I might just start from the top and work my way down : P
  4. I am pregnant with my first child and I have been killing time by crocheting and knitting for him. I thought waiting to get the positive test was hard - waiting 40 weeks is unbearable! I can't wait to put him in this little sweater < 3
  5. cool! I love this kind of recycling! How long does this little bag take you to make?
  6. This hat is normally seen on the heads of little children on the Danish and Swedish streets. It has a really great shape which makes the hat stay on the head, as well as it covers the ears, to keep them warm. Its normally knit, but this pattern is crocheted. It is crocheted flat and then sown together. djævlehue (djævle = devil, hue = hat) Get the pattern for baby hat crocheted flat click here
  7. Hello ! Would you mind if I translated the pattern into my language (danish) and posted it somewhere? I would give you full credit and all that. I am not trying to steal your pattern. Please consider it : ) //Johanne
  8. Crocheting in the round can be pretty and practical, because you get a straight front side and a back side, rather than getting a front row and then a back row in your pattern. If you want to lean, there is a block post about crocheting in the round here It can be a little hard to learn from pictures, so there is also a video about crocheting in the round here If you are not into long tutorials, there is a short version here, where you can learn to crochet in the round in 20 seconds Thank you for reading, and happy hooking ^^
  9. Do you like to crochet graphgans? There are so many great patterns out there for graphgans, you just need to figure out how to get started, and its easy as pie : ) This pattern is for corner to corner, which I think gives a really great result. A pattern in diagram form is here: Corner to corner diagram And an explanation of the slightly challenging diagram here: Corner to corner instruction video Hope you enjoy : )
  10. Hi! I made this pattern for everyone needing to do round or rounded shapes for different projects. The pattern can be any size you want, I show you how to make it bigger or smaller. The pattern goes as follows, but it is easier to see at my blog. Click here to go to the written pattern (scroll down) its in both danish and english. You can also get it in video form if you click here. In the video I show you how to make to variations; half a lemon and a whole pear. There are also siggestions for how to do a slice of apple and a slice of lemon bottom ch 2 5 sc in the 1. st, j ch 1, (0
  11. Hey guys : ) Here is a pattern (its some ways down) for a pair of crocheted baby booties + a pair in crochet and tatting: http://orkis-iokken.blogspot.dk/2015/08/mnster-pa-babysko-pattern-for-baby.html Here is the same pattern in video form:
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