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    Garner Ia
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    crocheting /watching crime shows
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    1 yr
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    anything ! Homeless mats with plarn
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  1. Rita Maas

    Crochet basket

    Hi, it’s Newquaygirl from Garner Iowa, i have a question why is my crochet basket made from T-shirt material not stiff and straight on the sides like the pattern shows I’ve tried over twice now with the same cave in results please help !! my cat thinks it’s for him 😻
  2. Rita Maas

    Help with uneven blanket

    Thanks I'm loving this site.....????
  3. Rita Maas

    Help with uneven blanket

    Awesome ... Thank you soo much for replying????
  4. Rita Maas

    Help with uneven blanket

    Thank you .....
  5. Rita Maas

    Help with uneven blanket

    'Wow Ladies' I'm so glad I joined this site you are all amazing !! Thanks for responding so soon and also for the welcomes Newquaygirl . ​
  6. Rita Maas

    Help with uneven blanket

    Thank you for advice , I have done this but thinking I've lost which is the last stitch to put it in will this keep my stitch count from increasing and decreasing ?
  7. Rita Maas

    Help with uneven blanket

    Hi , I just found your site and wanted to join. I've only been crocheting for about a year now ,taught myself along with joining a group of crochet ladies from our church. Absolutely 'hooked' sorry couldn't resist I LOVE crochet . I've made dish cloths, scrubbies,blankets ,scarves a ripple afgan for my daughter. Toys for my cats . And mat's for homeless people crocheting with plarn . And a purse. For some crazy reason I'm having trouble with my next blanket I'm making my Hubby ,it's all SC chaining one at the end of row . It does not look even I've been counting my stitches 118 first I was adding stitches then losing I just cannot figure this one out for some reason any help would be awesome