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  1. I don't have the yarn yet, I'm in the theorycrafting stage, as gamers would say. No, three colors would be fine. As long as the number of colors can evenly multiply to thirty, it is fine. I actually like that combination quite a bit.
  2. So, I'm making a blanket out of multiple squares that I am going to crochet together. The person I am making this for likes earth tones, so I was originally planning on olive and tan, but on realizing it would look like a camouflage pattern I decided that I would go with olive and mustard. However, when I discussed the color scheme with a family member, they did not like the mustard color, though I suspect it was because they personally do not like the color rather than any inherent problems with the matching itself. I am not particularly good at matching colors, so is the mustard color a good match for the olive, or not? If it isn't what would be a good earth tone to match it, other than a brown shade? I want something light for the contrast.
  3. I'm on mobile right now, so I can't post links, but it is one of red hearts free patterns, it is called something rauna. It looks like a cross between a poncho and a serape.
  4. So, I'm going to make a poncho thingy for a friend of mine. Her favorite color is orange, but the pattern calls for three colors that are carried through the pattern and I can't think of anything that matches. I don't really want to use black if I can avoid it. I'm not really good at matching colors, so any help would be great.
  5. My best friend is starting up her first semester of college next week, and I thought I would make her some fingerless mittens as a gift. I have some alpaca fur yarn that I thought I would use for the project, but the pattern I found that I liked uses worsted weight yarn, and the alpaca yarn is super chunky. Does anyone know of a way to alter a pattern for a different yarn weight? Because that would be perfect.
  6. So, I am creating a sweater for a friend of mine, for her birthday, and I want to put thumbholes in the sleeves for her. I am not sure how prevalent this practice is, but it is something I see a lot of, people cutting thumbholes in the sleeves of their hoodies so they can keep their hands warm in the sleeve and still use their hands. The problem I have is, the pattern(All Around Jacket, or something like that, from red hearts website) doesn't have instructions for such an alteration, and this is the first time I will have ever made an alteration to a pattern. I am not sure how to do this. At all. I have never altered a pattern in my life. None of the patterns I have ever done even had a hole in them, so I don't even know how to do one when a pattern calls for one. How do I go about doing this?
  7. I wouldn't use this with cotton or silk though, not enough grip in the fibers. Or a three weight yarn. But this is perfect for a four weight acrylic like Red Heart Super Saver. Not Caron Simply Soft, though. That stuff falls apart if you look at it crossly.
  8. I tested it out with some of the yarn that I have lying around in my bag, and I don't see any reason not to use it. I yanked on it hard, almost a dozen times, and it didn't come loose. As a final test I pulled as hard as I could on both ends until it snapped. The yarn, that is. The knot stayed intact. I did this several times, with the same result each time. The knot stayed intact, it was the yarn that failed. I used Lion Brand yarn, the one pound skein. My friend and I came to the conclusion that if you used it and it came undone, you either tied it wrong or the person you gave it to is far too rough on their crocheted items. As to the visibility of the knot, it really isn't that bad. If it is in the middle of a row, you would have to be very observant to notice.
  9. I am on a trip right now, and only have the patterns saved on my phone, but the Glamour Kaftan from Red Heart's website is pretty much identical to the one in the magazine, so let's start there.
  10. So, I found this pattern for a shawl type thing in a magazine at AC Moore, and want to make it for a friend of mine. Only problem being, she is five feet tall, and the pattern is fifty two inches in length. This is a recurring problem when I make things for her, the summer scarf I made her earlier this year was longer than she was tall, and the wrap I am making for her now is even more voluminous. How do I go about adjusting patterns for her? I had thought about just cutting stiches out of the pattern, but that wouldn't work for this one as it is a somewhat unbalanced pattern that is longer on one side than the other.
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