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  1. I have a tip to share about printing patterns from the web. If you use scrapbook paper (which is acid-free) instead of regular printer paper, your pattern will not yellow when saved over the years. Packs of plain white scrapbook paper don't cost very much and often go on sale at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.
  2. Twice a year, at the Leisure Arts warehouse in Little Rock, Arkansas, they hold a 90% off warehouse sale on over-stocked pattern books. (I emailed/asked customer service at L.A. if they had an outlet and they said "no", but they do have warhouse sales . Has anyone been to it? (First date in '09 will be sometime in March). I'm wondering if it's worth the drive from where I live in Memphis (if they have a big selection to choose from). Thank you!
  3. Is there a thread anywhere that has pictures of how members store their yarn? I'd love to get some storage ideas. Thanks!
  4. I'm trying to find a baby afghan pattern that has crochet roses attached all over the top of it. Has anyone seen this pattern? I had seen the pattern free on someone's blog I found randomly last year and can't find it again. Thanks for helping!
  5. LoL. The reason I was a bit embarassed to ask is that I'm more of what I'd call an advanced beginner crocheter and should know the answer. I mainly had made afghans in the past but had given it up for many years. It's one of those basic steps that I always have to re-think when I take up crocheting again. That, and having the turning chain count as a first stich in a row..... My Mom, who taugh me how to crochet, passed away a few years ago. She would always help me with crochet questions. I am so grateful to have you sweet ladies to help me out now. Kelly
  6. When a pattern says, for example, "sc in third ch from hook", do I count the chain that's still on the hook as the first chain, or is it not counted as I count 3 chains backward? A bit embarassed to ask, but I always seem to get the wrong amount of stiches when working the first row of a pattern into the foundation chain, so I must be doing something incorrectly. Thank you!
  7. Not sure if it's ok to post this link, so please forgive me if it's removed. But....here's what one looks like when crocheted with thread: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=200295767194&Category=150135&_trksid=p3907.m29&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D1#ebayphotohosting The boxes look extra nice when the cardboard design is covered with thin plastic. ETA: You can make small bowls out of cards this way too.
  8. Oooh, thanks! That's just what I was looking for. I'm going to use smaller holes and thread instead of yarn....
  9. These are made from really old greeting cards-the cards that had a clear plastic overlay over the front. Holes are punched on the sides and then the boxes are crocheted together using those holes. There's a pattern for these for sale on Ebay but I like free I had the pattern once but it (and all of my others) were lost/stolen in a move.
  10. Love it! You should/could sell those-they'd be a big hit!
  11. I'm trying to find patterns for bedspread-weight cotton tissue covers for the boutique size of Kleenex. Thanks!
  12. Today I'm also looking for patterns for hooded baby blankets. I've seen them where they tie together in the front with a ribbon.... Thanks! (All of my pattern booklets were stolen/lost in a recent move and I'm trying to find similar patterns for my favorites!).
  13. I'd love to find a link for a reader's wrap, please. It's a wrap for around the shoulders (maybe 12'' wide) that has a pocket on each end. Thank you!
  14. I saw a small folded Caron's yarn leaflet at Walmart that has a pretty scarf like this in it. (and a few other patterns). It uses Caron's Bliss yarn. (This scarf is not pictured on the Caron site-I checked).
  15. Love the little crayon tote! (Link above, suzies-yarnie)
  16. I don't have any help for you but wanted to say hi-I used to live in Pueblo-one of the old victorian houses on Elizabeth street.
  17. Seneca and Scooch -Thanks for posting the link to that site! She has some neat stuff. I had a lot of those vintage booklets (hundreds of them)at one time but they were stolen/lost in a move. I am always so thankful for all of the great links posted when someone is looking for a pattern. Hugs to all of the Crochetville members !
  18. I am looking for baby bottle cover patterns made out of either thread or yarn. I had a pattern booklet years ago with nothing but those.
  19. Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee "Jewel Song" yarn is on sale this week. It's normally nearly $10 and is on sale for $3.84. Does anyone have any links or suggestions of something I can make from this unique yarn?
  20. Thanks so much Stitchinpick! That's EXACTLY what I am looking for!! I am going to order it right now!
  21. I am looking for patterns of just about anything to make with any of the types of Yarn Bee yarns sold at Hobby Lobby stores. I couldn't find any booklets they were selling that specifically mentioned that brand. Maybe someone knows of some links?
  22. Hello, I am so glad I found this wonderful site! I especially enjoy viewing pictures of everyone's finished projects. My mother, who was an excellent crocheter, passed away suddenly earlier this year. She taught me to crochet as a teen (I am 43 now). Over the years I haven't crocheted too much other than afghans and few sweaters. As a way of helping me through the loss of my mother, I've started to crochet again. I used to ask her when I needed help with a crochet project or a certain stitch. It brings me comfort to know I can turn to all of you if I should need help in the future. My mother loved to crochet doilies. I have a a cedar chest filled with hundreds of doilies she made me over the years! (My house is decorated with a lot of her handiwork-she made quilts among other things). I am excited about all the new type of yarn I see on the market now 'days-especially at Hobby Lobby. I am in a suburb of Memphis. I have been married 18 years and we've moved 11 times, so I have lived in a lot of other places. Kelly
  23. Hey thanks!!! That's what I'm trying to find but for fleece.
  24. Yarn, either baby weight yarn or sport weight. Also, what to poke holes in the fleece with.
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