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  1. I am going to start making YouTube tutorials and was wondering about crocheting FREE patterns on my channel. Obviously you cannot make a tutorial from a paid pattern but are there any restrictions or is there anything I can or cannot do when making a tutorial from something else's FREE pattern? I will post a link to the original written pattern so the creator will get the credit, of course. Other people make tutorials from Red Heart or Lion Brand patterns for example, I just don't want to get in trouble before I even get started! Lol
  2. I have recently started making my hat from the bottom up, which I just love! My question is, (and this may seem silly) when working up to the top and decreasing, what formula do you use? Top down hat are normally increased by 12, (12, 24, 36, 48 etc) I have tried decreasing in this way when working to the bottom and it never comes out right. :-(
  3. CraftyHooker

    Circle Vest for large Women?

    Hello! Has anyone made this Bohemian Circle vest before for a large woman? I have a lady interested in this but she said she is very large and is afraid it will not fit around her. https://www.etsy.com/listing/399542163/crochet-bohemian-circle-vest-stevie?ref=shop_home_active_9
  4. Looking for a "full body" Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas blanket pattern pixel / granny square style pattern. I have not mastered the graph blankets. Ravelry Pinterest xcetera has been no help. Paid patterns are fine too! TIA
  5. CraftyHooker

    Swimsuit cover

    I want to make a swimsuit cover top to wear over my suit while swimming. Any suggestions? Please and thank you! ????
  6. CraftyHooker

    Writing and selling patterns

    Thank you! I found the website! I am in the process of having it tested also.
  7. CraftyHooker

    Writing and selling patterns

    Question for all of you lovely hookers that write and sell your own patterns! I just finished writing my first one and was wondering what are the steps I need to take to insure I have a good written pattern that I can sell?
  8. Are there any books on learning to design your own crochet patterns? Not a book with patterns. Or on how to read a chart lol I can't seem to find any! ????
  9. CraftyHooker

    FREE Work in Progress Notecards PDF

    This is really cool! I need something similar to this but custom order forms!
  10. CraftyHooker

    Posting picture?

    Hey, this is completely off topic but have either one of you used the stitch works software? I found out it is now free and just downloaded it and was wondering how everyone likes it. I am VERY new to chart patterns despite my 20+ years of crocheting ????
  11. CraftyHooker

    Posting picture?

    Yeah that was me lol! Ok thank you!
  12. CraftyHooker

    Posting picture?

    Thank you for the help
  13. CraftyHooker

    Posting picture?

    Lol and that is definitely not me! I get so confused when trying to wing a pattern ????
  14. CraftyHooker

    Posting picture?

    I got the pattern from someone on Facebook, so I am not sure if the original pattern was copyrighted ???? I can delete the link if needed.
  15. CraftyHooker

    Posting picture?

    Yes, that is what she wants it to look like. The extra length in the collar will be made into a hood also. The circumference of the circle needs to be 68 inches