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  1. You're right. I've been thinking about how even when I KNOW where my ends are i've had to remake square s after having removed them from the blanket for being in the wrong spot!
  2. Alright ladies--the blanket I was asking about is done in squares. DOes that make it any easier to split in two? Here's a picture.
  3. Thanks everyone! I told her what the consensus was and offered to make baby blankets for both. See, it's a barter for things she has that I want! So hopefully something will work out.
  4. Linda T-- Your rooster is great! I've got another question for you all. One of my friends has a crocheted blanket her grandmother gave her. Her brother just had twins and she'd like to split the blanket in two. Is it possible to do this without ruining it?
  5. Nicely said. Cara--I'm waiting for an answer in the design den. Hopefully we'll get an answer!
  6. I'm submitting my pattern for publication and ran across a problem. The gauge needed is 4in sq, but the 4 inch line cuts across the middle of a row. Does this row get added in the row count it takes to make 4 inches? Or left out? Thanks!
  7. Donna--I guess some people have neard the phrase it's not worth doing unless you do it right!
  8. DONNA-- You mean you can't cover over a glossy white paint around a window frame with only one coat of flat pale yellow?
  9. Cara--I know!! I jsut haven't been feeling the vibe to crochet. Making my bag to send to the publisher was pain enough! I should come and hang out eventhough my blackford's beauty is still on hold. I've been thinking about you too. I'm very proud of you for quitting smoking. You'll make it through it I'm surprised that I've stumped you! I sent an email to the publisher to get their official answer, but haven't heard anything back. I'm anxious to get this in the mail.
  10. Mary-- I know! I've missed you all. We've been busy buying a house and fixing it up--it's amazing the things you learn about the previous owners when you start really looking at things. Like how they've not only painted over the outlet covers, switchcovers and outlets, but they also painted over adhesive pads that had only been partially removed!!
  11. Thanks Mary-- my gauge question is really one I should know the answer to--let me throw it out there and see if you might know the answer. The gauge needs to be 4" sq, but if the 4in. line falls in the middle of a row, does that row get counted into the gauge, or left off?
  12. Hi ladies!! Long time no see! I need some help if anyone is around! I'm submitting a pattern (Accepted for publication) and just needed help with a gauge question and wanted to make sure a stitch description was accurate---so I need an experienced crocheter, and someone sitting at home with a hook!!
  13. Julie--Would you like to come and pack for me then?? We're househunting again on Saturday. We're not moving too far away, but we will be moving to the Maryland side. And looks like it will be near hubbys parents. Why is it that boys never seem to want to move away from home but the girls are happy to? I know y'all'll be here when I get back. Candles, hooks and all!
  14. Morning all! It's been awhile. I confess, life reared it's head and I haven't had time for much else! No crocheting has been done in weeks! I was able to sneak away for some girl time by visiting my friend in Fl and while I was there hubby calls to tell me the landlord has offered us the chance to buy our rental! We do not want it (300$ extra a month in HOA/COA). So we are now in the midst of packing up our place for the third time in essentially three years and looking for a place to buy that fits our budget. Boy is it exhausting! I tired tosee what you all have been up to but confess that the sheer volume of posts was overwhelming. But I'm here--if only in spirit. Looks like I'll miss the fair deadline. And will even be in a different county--different state too!
  15. Oh my goodness that little girl is adorable!! Thank you everyone for the very kind birthday wishes. Hubby and I had a fantastic time!
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