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  1. Thank you for sending those links. Those do look close, but not the same pattern, unfortunately. The pattern on the hot pad starts with 3 "shells" as she calls them in the pattern, then row 2 has 5 shells, and they increase by 2 until I believe there are 21 at the longest part of the diagonal.
  2. I apologize that the pattern photo is inside down, I'm not sure how that happened?
  3. I just introduced myself and am so thrilled to be here to hopefully get some help. I have a hand written pattern that belonged to my great grandma, and a finished hot pad, but I can NOT figure out how to do it! My Grandma/best friend is 87 and it has been too long since she made one for her to remember how to do it without using her own hands, but she is too shaky and had arthritis too badly now to help me. I would be over the moon if someone could help me learn it so o can carry on this tradition in our family ❤️ I'm not sure if it would be possible for someone to video how they do it, but that would be amazing if you could so I can watch it over and over if I get stuck. I can start it with the loop and get the first 3 little sections done ok, but I get lost after that. These are made with knit-cro-sheen and a #9 hook. You make 2 of them, then attach them around the edges with a stitch.
  4. happy to be here! I've been knitting and crocheting on and off all my life, but am in desperate need on a certain pattern. My Grams/best friend is 87 and it's been years since she made the pattern in question and is too shaky to help me figure it out. I will post it in the community today and would greatly appreciate anyone that might be able to teach me. She is the only living person that knew how to make it and it is a pattern her mother had. Again, happy to be here!
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