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  1. Ok I got that part, yes I've done that but it's being a long time, what's next?
  2. Ok its says like this: Slip stitch across 7 stitches, work to last 7 stitches, turn, sl st to 19 of pattern, work 19 stitches of pattern, turn slip stitch to end of row, turn, work all stitches in pattern as established. Work even on all 47 stitches until piece measures 8 1/2 inches at side edge. If you like I can donate copy of the whole pattern.
  3. I need help, I'm doing the rompers from the pattern above and I'm stuck in the SHORT ROWS. If someone can help me I will be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  4. Just wanted to say hi and thank you. I've being crocheting since I was 10 and I love it.
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