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  1. I really want to make these pants but am a little confused. I understand the general idea but i dont understand what the written pattern is saying? Can anyone explain this better? 1. For the top side ( waist to hip) crochet in circle. When at hip, divide the circle in 2 and chain the required length in the middle of the circle linkinking to the oposite side .Work the leg length in circle multiplying to get the pallazzo effect every 10 rows, or every 5 rows depending on your desire. Chart translation in written pattern: 1. Row 1: chain the required length 2. Row 2 : ch 3, 3 x dc with 1ch in between in the 3rd ch, skip 3ch, X stitch( 1 dc in the 3rd chain , ch3 1dc in the 3rd ch back ( repeat sequence until the end of the row) close with 1dc 3. Row3 : ch 3, X stitch (1dc in 2nd chain space from the 3dc section below, ch3, 1dc in the first chain space), 3dc with 1ch in between in the 3 ch space below( X stitch), repeat until the end of the row, close with 1dc. This is where i got the pattern. They are the first pants shown. http://crochetpatternstotry.blogspot.ro/2014/05/free-crochet-charts-for-spectacular.html
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