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    Bryn Poliwczynski
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    My mother gave me my first crochet hook (which I still have to this day) when I was in elementary school. At the time, I only knew how to chain stitch in continuous rows, and so eventually I got tired of pretending I was making a scarf and stuffed my yarn away in the closet. It wasn't until after I'd become an adult that I watched a tutorial on how to make a slouch beanie, and upon discovering different stitches and techniques, fell in love and became a hopeless yarn addict.
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    Drawing, designing, writing fiction, poetry, and songs, crafting
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    Artist | Writer | Fashion Designer
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    slouch beanies/hats and scarves
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  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the responses! I feel like my knowledge of available yarns is still limited to my area, so this helps me discover new things to try!
  2. I'm interested to know what everyone's top 3 favorite yarns to work with are. Please share--what are your go-to's and why? Please include brands, lines, availability, make, sources (links welcome!), etc. For example, my top favorites are: 1. Best for price. Caron, Simply Soft line acrylic yarns. Pros: Cheap, soft, and a lovely variety of softer colors. Easily accessible in my area (via Walmart). Cons: Smaller amount means buying more for bigger projects. Best for small projects like hats and baby accessories. www.walmart.com 2. Best for natural fiber. Camelot Dyeworks, worsted weight, alpaca/merino/silk mixes. Pros: Gorgeous, gorgeous colors!!! Natural fibers create a sturdy yet soft yarn, versatile for different types of projects. Cons: Expensive for small amounts. Best for smaller projects as well. Extra cost for shipping, as it is not as local. www.camelotdyeworks.com 3. Best for versatility/weight. Red Heart with Love line yarns. Pros: Awesome selection of more natural and less "baby" colors, as well as really unique variegated colors. My favorite part is the weight of the yarn (med/4), which is this perfect balance in between "chunky" and a regular worsted, which makes it great for the chunky crochet look without extra bulk or heft. Cons: Slightly more expensive (though there is more yarn). Best for cool weather accessories and/or bigger projects. www.walmart.com or www.redheart.com/yarn/love
  3. This is more of a yarn-related question. I like to write and do reviews for books and movies, but recently, I thought I would review some yarn, but I really wasn't sure what I should talk about besides color and texture. So, my question is, what aspects of the yarn should be talked about in a yarn review? Here's a link to my review (as you can see, it's not very detailed). Any help and feedback would be appreciated! http://www.sleepyhollowstreet.com/2015/06/camelot-dyeworks-review.html
  4. Okay, so I'm not really a crochet-from-a-pattern person and I like to make my own creations by piecing together techniques and stitches that I've pulled from other things, and then find out how to make them work for what I want through trial and error. However, because of this, I find that I encounter things that I'm not entirely sure why they do or do not work and can't seem to find anyone who has an answer? So, what I'd like to know is, how do you know how many chains from the hook you should crochet in for different stiches? For example, if you chain in the 2nd chain from the hook to start a row of single crochet, would it be the 3rd chain from the hook for double crochet (4th for triple? And so on?)? Also, a second question in a similar tangent: At the end of a row, you sometimes chain one before continuing, and other times you chain two, so for which stitches do you chain how many? For example: At the end of a row of sc, chain one; at the end of a row of dc, chain two?? Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. Hello from Michigan! I'm super excited about being a member of Crochetville (so much to learn--so much to crochet)!
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