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  1. I agree with Darski--if you make a flat circle, then stop increasing when the hat is the right size, you should be fine--I often find it's best to stop increasing just before the hat is big enough because the first non-increase round seems to add enough to the circumference to make it too loose. The great thing with starting your beanie from the crown is you can try it on as you go!
  2. It sounds like they're trying to prescribe an even edging--so if you can dc across evenly, you probably don't need to put the stitches exactly where specified. Hope this helps!
  3. It's so cute--congratulations on your first creation!
  4. I dont think the bead should be sticky on the yarn, it should slide pretty easily. You can prestring beads (adding more than you think you'll need), or you can do a method of adding the beads as you go. I believe Lily Chin teaches this in her bead crochet book. Good luck!
  5. I would definitely break the yarn after each letter and weave in the ends. Personally, I would center the name. I do like your idea of cross-stitching the name on afterwards, that might be fun and less fussy. Linked stitches and tunisian crochet lend themselves especially well to being a background cross-stitching (of course single crochet works fine too). Hope this helps! Amy p.s. I have an article coming out in the next issue of Crochet Today magazine about Intarisia in crochet which might help you out.
  6. Robyn Chachula has one on crochet me: http://crochetme.com/patterns/summit-hill
  7. Thanks Debbi--that's one of the advantages of the sideways construction--you can even hold it up to your body as you go and just see if it's wide enough--you could, I supose also make the front wider than the back if that made for a better fit. Cheers, Amy
  8. http://www.yarnstandards.com is a great resource for hook sizes and yarn weight information. Worsted weight yarn is sometimes known as 4-ply--it's medium weight yarn. Hope this helps! Amy
  9. Oh, I really like these--thanks for sharing!
  10. The baby sweater is so cute, and the photo is awesome!
  11. Hi There--by sideways, I mean it's worked from side edge to side edge (the crocheted fabric is turned on its side) instead of being worked from the hem (waist) to the neck. I hope that helps.
  12. Hi All--I published a new pattern this week--The Half Crazy Sweater: It's crocheted using a Victorian-inspired stitch in DK yarn, and it's made entirely of rectangles! Sideways construction of the front and back means that it's very easy to customize the fit to your exact specifications, and I give instructions to do so in the pattern. It was very fun to crochet--the yarn I used (Tili Tomas Fil de La Mer) has very subtle variations in light blue color and I can easily get mesmerized watching them shift. It would be great worked in any silky yarn--soy, bamboo, silk, etc. The pattern is available via my blog or ravelry. Cheers! Amy
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