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  1. In the book: Vanna's Afghans A to Z, on page 113 is a pattern called: Vanna's Choice. I want a size in between the adult & baby sizes shown. But I can't figure out the multiple to resize it. Can anyone help with this? The st ch is 291. Dc into 4th ch of hook and into each dc across for twelve rows. Then there is a Mesh band row: Ch5 for first dc and ch 2, sk 2dc, dc in next dc, *ch 2, sk2 dc, dc in next dc, rep from * across, turn.
  2. I have the book: Vanna's Afghans A to Z. There is a pattern called: Vanna's Choice on page 113. I can't figure out the multiple for this pattern. Can someone please help?
  3. craftylady - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Problem solved
  4. Thanks everyone! Kathy - I'm thinking you are correct (3+1) I've read several different posts about how to figure out multiples and this is the formula that keeps coming up. I think the way the pattern was written, what with the Starting ch, Foundation Row and THEN Row 1, it just confused me.
  5. Thanks. I'll give it a try. The trouble I'm running into is that this is the first pattern I've ever read that has Starting Chain, Foundation Row and Then row 1. I'm not sure which rows I'm supposed to use to calculate for the multiple????
  6. I am starting this pattern http://com.yarnspirations.pattern-pdfs.s3.amazonaws.com/Bernat_Worsted001_cr_blanket.en_US.pdf and need help. I would like to know what the multiple for this pattern is as I'd like to make it larger. I try to figure it out and keep coming up with 3, or 3+1 and even 3+2. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I bought an amigurumi pattern to make for my husbands birthday, which was April 13th! I've done these types or projects before and thought I would have no problem with this. Well, I am having a huge problem! This ami has several pieces to make before sewing them together. I have all the pieces made except for the two main pieces, tires. I have made & re-made these 5 times and still can't get them correct, in either gauge or look. How many times do you try a pattern before giving up and doing something else?
  8. tiniree

    Yarn eater?

    I found a pattern called the Blueberry Striped Afghan and have a question? I am assuming (Ewwww hate that word) that this is a yarn eater? What would be the easiest way to figure out how much yarn I need for each row?
  9. Wow! I just went and looked and yes, it does say M/13-9.00mm on it. What the heck does that mean???
  10. I made a throw for my Dad this past Xmas using a Boye aluminum hook size 9.00mm "N". I also just noticed that have a size Boye "M" that also says 9.00mm. I loved the gauge of that hook for that throw. I'd like to make another one, but would like to try it with a bamboo hook. The brand Chiagoo says their "N" hook is a 10.00mm. For a 9.00mm I would need to buy an "M". I am soooo confused. Since I have an "M" & "N" by Boye that says they are both 9.00mm, and the bamboo hooks say an "M" is 9.00mm & an "N" is 10.00mm, which should I buy?? I guess the Boye sizing has me confus
  11. Ok Everyone - I just got my order from Knitting-Warehouse today (super fast shipping) of the two skeins of RH's new color Glow Worm. The Ravelry member's photo (above) is dead-on accurate..................IT IS NEON BRIGHT! Love it :cheer Red Heart really needs to have this color rephotographed for their site. If you look there, it looks like a medium bright mint color.
  12. Somone was kind enough over on Ravelry to take a photo of a skein of Glow Worm that she has. Looks much more vibrant (like I was hoping) than the photo RH has on their site.
  13. Haven't said anything to her yet due to our schedules. But when I do, I will just tell her that "I'm glad she likes it, but this one is for me!"
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