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    CROCHET, supporting my kids in their sports
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    espiring Project Manager currently an executive asst
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    Decmeber 1993 my grandma taught me when i went to visit her in Mass.
  1. My parents recently adopted a retired Greyhound and named her Ileigh N. My mom asked if I would make Ileigh a sweater so she would be warm on their walks in the wintre/spring. I am proud to say I made this by myself. I looked at the manufactured sweater they bought for her and came up with this on my own.
  2. those are them Thanks sooo much. Ear bags huh i would have never thought of that.
  3. My daughter is asking me to make her the little ear warmers that go over each ear. It has an elastic band in the top part that covers your ear. I don't know what they are called. Any help with a name would be great or a place I can find a crochet pattern even better. they kinda look like ear muffs, but they are individual pieces 1 for each ear. :think:think
  4. those are great. can you tell me where you found the pattern. My parents just adpted a retired racing greyhound and have asked me to make a sweater for her. thanks
  5. OK Ladies I finally finished by WIPS and now I have yet another bug to scratch. I have tons of different yarn weights so it doesn't have to be specific to a certain type of yarn. I am looking for an easy jacket or coat or sweater. I have made ponchos, but never something like a jacket or with sleeves. So something easy would be great, but I don't know where to start. I am currently going through the loads of patterns at CPC, but can't find something that just pops out at me (an doesn't scare me!!!!) Carrie
  6. Thank you all for the support through this trying time. I have printed out the responses and given them to my dad. He was very touched that women who don't really know me or my grandma offered so many prayers and hugs for us. I THANK YOU from the deepest place in my heart.
  7. I don't know where to post this but want to post it. Last night my grandmother past away. She was an avid crocheter and knitter. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be crocheting or knitting. She passed along her craft to me as well as some of her yarn, knitting needles, and crochet hooks. She will definatley be missed. RIP Grandma:manyheart:hug Dorthy Lloyd, Eastham Mass.
  8. Yeah I know Mother's Day 2008 has come and gone. This poncho was actually made from some Alpaca Yarn my parents gave me as a mohters day gift. I finally finished it last night and wanted to share. Here is the link to the pattern i used. Close-up of edging
  9. Well I haven't posted in a really long time, mostly because I have had nothing to share and I have been working on my ecrater website. Well I finally finished this baby set for a co-workers baby shower that is next week. It's a little Star Blanket (I fould a star granny square in a book I have and just kept increasing the sat and left out the square) a pair of booties which look more like socks and a infant hat I made from a pattern in the 24-hour crochet project book my mom got me. Hope you like it. Hat & booties on Blanket Hat Closeup Star Blanket
  10. OK Gals - I have a cal king new jersey t-shirt fitted sheets that my DH accidently washed in warm/hot water. I can't get mad at him because I asked him to help with housework. Anyway I LOVE this matrial so soft and comfy. I was thinking about cutting it into strips and making a blanket with it, but I have no idea where to start. Can someone help???
  11. I also live in contra costa county (Brentwood/Oakley) to be exact.
  12. I forgot to post this in the previous post I am soooooo sorry to the originator of the pattern. I used a pattern found @ craftown.com. Here is the link. http://www.craftown.com/crochet/pat1.htm
  13. My soon to be sister in law's wedding is 4/26 and she just recently had surgery on her foot and the doctor told her the only thing she could wear on that foot was a soft no sole shoe or slipper. So I made these for her, they match the hot pink heels she was gonna where just becasue she loves pink so much sorry the picture is soooo big i couldn't get it to resize.
  14. :think:think:think:think OK All - I created a purse (messanger style) all by myself and the stitch is really tight but I want to line it. I am wondering if there is a SIMPLE way to do this. I mean SIMPLE. I haev never sewn in my life. I can crochet and knit, but never learned how to sew. I am hoping someone can HELP. :think
  15. It's made with incredible ribbon yarn from Lion Brand.
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