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  1. how so very cool. thank you. i'm doing your other pattern but using LILY sugar and cream, G HOOK, and making a big doily for my table in frontroom
  2. its done with simply soft and g hook, http://danettesangels.tripod.com/patterns/pattern_newborn_romper.html
  3. where oh where can i get the patterns for these?
  4. I hope I did this right. Here's a baby set I just finished. They are all from SLK designs http://susan.kraus.net/index.html
  5. awwwwww how cute. your baby is precious
  6. awwwwwwwwwwww precious
  7. they are all beautiful
  8. WOW! I really love this..... thanks
  9. oh good. i was looking for a easy booty patte0rn. is there a picture somewhere so i can "see"what I'm making. Thanks
  10. awwwwwww that turned out so precious
  11. i've made quite a few of them and i agree, no matter what color(s) you use, they turn out beautiful. i love yours
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