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  1. Thank you Krys. After that row, then you continue to spiral?
  2. Most of my crochetting is amigurumis and I always make the usual color change that leaves an ugly step. I know there are several tutorials for making an invisible, or somewhat less visible but each method is a bit different. I'd like to know if anyone has here has a favorite method and if you can share a link to the instructions or video. I don't need to do stripes or anything too complicated, I just need to do one single color change in my pattern, but I want it to look as clean and good as possible because the toys are to be sold in a fundraiser. Thank you
  3. I know this is not exactly a crochet question, but related. Many amigurumi patterns call for embroidering details, especially faces. Though I understand how to do this, I don't know how to anchor the stitch so it can't be pulled easily. Sometimes it can be hidden if a part of the piece has a similar color, I just tie it there and then take the needle in the toy until it comes out in the right place and then take it back to secure it. But most of the times, I can't do this without leaving a very obvious knot of a contrasting color. How do I do this? Diana
  4. Amigurumi is perfect for that. They can get complicated, but most of the projects are easy and super fast to finish. Another option is appliques.
  5. I don't crochet complicated stitches, mostly amigurumi. I have a horrible time whenever I need to do a whole line of slip stitches. For some reason, I find it very hard to get through the last loop.
  6. Thanks. I will check out the lion brand. I hadn't had this problem with red heart. Sometimes it doesn't make that much difference or the problem can be solved easily, for example, when making a toy where the limbs go in another color. Even with the different thickness, it is possible to add a stitch and maybe row to make up for the difference, as long as the toy is big enough. With the toy I was making, I had to change the color in the middle of each row, to form a mask on the face. It was impossible to correct it without changing the ovreall look, very fristrating.
  7. Most of the crochetting I do is amigurumis. I buy red heart because it is easy to find, cheap and I think it's stiffness is actually a plus for the toys. I have noticed difference in quality depending on the color, some could be very plasticky and some felt nicer. But the last two balls had slightly different thicknesses, enough to ruin my project. It was a very small doll. It was a promised gift so I modified the pattern a bit and it looks odd but ok, but now I am left with all this yarn that I can't combine well with other yarns of the same brand. Has anyone had that problem before? I know i
  8. Maybe this can help. It https://www.planetjune.com/blog/amigurumi-help/perfect-stripes-for-amigurumi-video/
  9. They also sell the kit in Amazon. They don't carry it all the time i Costco. I have seen it several times but not during the whole year. I think they carry it during the fall.
  10. Hi, I was going to post my groot and realized there is another one here. I made this one from a book/kit that I bought from COSTCO with patterns for MARVEL characters, but I adapted the proportions to make it more baby-ish. The original one is for big groot. Haven't figured out how to put the leaves. The texture in the body that I added too is made with embroidery. I don't know how the stitch is called, chain stitch? As with all amigurumis I have made, the little details are the most time consuming.
  11. WOW they are awesome. I made a similar one to the less hairy (from a kit). The hairy one looks great too. Was it very difficult to work with that yarn?
  12. Thanks for sharing! I was crochetting a Hogwarts scarf for my son with chunky yarn with dc but I was not liking the way it looks. I will try this stitch.
  13. Thank you! I will try that and post how it comes out.
  14. I recently bought some bulky yarn for a project and I needed some honey/gold color, which I substituted with yellow. Later I found the color I needed, so I was left with 4 skeins of yellow. I don't particularly like the color for clothing. I was thinking if I could use it for a superized amigurumi (minion, Woodstock, Spongebob) but I don't know how it would work. I am assuming that the space between the stitches will be too big and the stuffing would come out. Has anyone tried it? Would I need to line it? I am considering some minion hats too. Any ideas and advice? Thanks Diana
  15. Is the doll big? You may want to try to do a magic ring, a first row with 4 stitches and maybe a second row increasing 2 to make it a total of 6? Or increase each to end up with 8? You may want to experiment, depending on how pointy or round you want the nose. Leave a tail and use that to attach the nose. From what I see, I'm pretty sure the nose is crochetted too. You may also want to send a message to the designer and ask for instructions for the nose, especially if you payed for the pattern.
  16. ocelotito

    Tsum Tsums!

    My kids are crazy about tsum tsum too. They ones you made are adorable.
  17. I once read that the problem could be the dye, not the fiber. I bought myself a very nice, very expensive alpaca, only to be sneezing and eyes watering. I made a very nice cowl but gave it to my sister. I later read that alpaca is the least allergenic wool, but it was probably the dye. (it was from knitpicks)
  18. For my amigurumis I usually buy the cheap read heart, which can be found almost anywhere. I usually buy it at Walmarts. For things I am going to wear, I get most of it at knitpicks.com. I use their merino/merino blends for most of my cowls and scarves.
  19. Crochet, of course Photography and photoshop computer programming (yes, I am a dork) Sewing (I started when I was obsessed with baby carriers) Photo transfer to wood and decoupage Jewelry making with beads My newest: wire crochet I also tried loom knitting and for some reason I hated it.
  20. Just turned 50! I learned at school, when I was about 11 but just recently, about a year ago, learned to read patterns and really took off. Before that, I only made scarves.
  21. No, I usually pick it up for a while, several times a day. I have Carpal Tunnel and other hand problems and it is better for my hands to switch activities often.
  22. At least two at a time. I always work on one that requires a lot of attention (like reading a complicated pattern), usually an amigurumi, and another one that I can just pick up at any time and bring with me to places. Another reason for doing it is that I have a mild carpal tunnel and other hand problems and changing the type of crochetting helps. My amigurumis are usually tighter and with a smaller hook than the other projects, which are usually cowls, capes and infinity scarves.
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