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  1. Halimah you are never alone here.. You are so sweet to be crocheting for children. They are blessed to have you. If you ever need a friend you can message me I am Nina from Peterborough, Ontario. We have four children and nine grandchildren.. I am 53 yrs young and been crocheting and knitting for a bit over ten yrs. Love Nina Witteveen
  2. I love working with yarn!


  3. Welcome Johanna, I love your work, beautiful.. I am in love with the African flower to. I have two towing granddaughters and on 11 year old. I have been looking for a motif with a larger flower, found it then to find out the site was down Thanks for the encouragement Great work..keep it up Below is the one I looked for, if you hear it back up please let me know. Nina
  4. Yes, thank you!

    Row 1:  Dc in fifth ch from hook (4 skipped chs count as first dc plus ch 1), *skip next 3 chs, 5 dc in next ch, skip next 3 ch, (dc, ch 1 dc) in next ch; repeat from * across: 156 dc and 23 ch-1 sps.

    So now I already know I've made an error because there are 3 chains left at the end before the turn.  Yikes!

    1. magiccrochetfan


      Count your stitches very carefully before you rip it out.  It's possible you made too many chains, but your row one stitch count could be correct.  If so you can ignore the extra chains for now and unpick them later then weave in your yarn end.  

      Apologies if I am posting in the wrong place, I'm not sure exactly where this is going in the forum!  

    2. Shepherd's Wife

      Shepherd's Wife

      I am new to using a forum, too, so I don't know what I'm doing with this either!

      I am fairly certain the chain is correct as I counted it three times and marked every 25 chains in case I lost my place I wouldn't have to start counting from the beginning.  I did have the thought that I could use those 3 chains for the turn because that's what it calls for.  I may be creating another issue by doing that though, so I'll count and see where I am.

      I am glad I found this forum and all of you wiser ones to ask questions of.  I so appreciate your responses!

  5. Could you share a bit more of the pattern though. Just want to make sure I'm not missing something.
  6. Hello Shepherds wife, that's how I learnt years ago. It is telling you how many double crochet and how many chain 1 spaces you should have done.
  7. This video may help you Double Crochet Decrease Stitch: Crochet Stitch Tu…: http://youtu.be/pAX9tbxioKo
  8. Just breathe you can do it!! If your not sure about the decrease YouTube it then you will see how they do it
  9. Row 21 under Head. I just tried this before replying so I am not adding confusion. It says Decrease, dc3 repeat to end. You need to decrease (double crochet 2together) then do 3 double crochet, then do another decrease and 3 double crochet keep doing this repeat to the end of your row. Make sure to keep a count after each row so you know you have the right amount of stitches to start, you might have picked up extra stitches and this will mess you up. You will end up with your 24 stitches
  10. Hello there, you should only be decreasing a total of 3 double crochet stitches in that row, this will give you 24 in the end. I would decrease every 8 stitches. But only three times. The idea is to spread three deaceases over the 30 stitches. Your next row the same but 2 stitch decrease. Hope this helps
  11. Hi Katie, would you share the link to the pattern book
  12. I just love the book.. I have to say I have not tried connecting doilies to make an afghan before. Looks like fun. I can't seem to find the Pineapple Celebration one exactly that your working on.
  13. I have checked out a tutorial, I hope this will help. I looked up the pattern but it is just showing me doilies called Pineapple Celebration. Happy Crocheting Katie!
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