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    I have been crocheting for over 60 years, being taught by my grandmother. I have always used thread to create items like curtains and lace for linens. Then about 4 years ago I began making baby clothing from vintage patterns, especially British patterns as they were plentiful. I converted them to American terms and adapted them for a modern baby or reborn doll. I crochet every day and it is how I spend my time.
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    Baby clothing with thread
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  1. Welcome! I make baby clothing too!
  2. debscodas


    You are right. We will just have wait until we get more info and stop guessing.
  3. debscodas


    I have assumed it is the pattern above, the shell stitch christening set; reading that pattern, those are not increases but the actual pattern for shell stitch for the body. It is clearly written so if you have a specific problem, I can follow it with you.
  4. debscodas


    Thank you! Yes, the ch3 groups are placed between the previous ch3 groups to effectively increase the bodice. It might look different as you increase on alternating on each end. Just follow the instructions exactly and you will prevail. I think you patter is the little boy christening coat. and the stitch desogn is as you described. It is the Shell stitch set Red Heart Shell Stitch Christening Set | Yarnspirations a free pattern.
  5. debscodas


    I found the craftdrawer site and the only christening set is called Red Heart Little Cherub Set. Is that the pattern? If yes, whaat row or round is problematic?
  6. debscodas


    Could you copy and paste the rows that are confusing you?
  7. debscodas


    You have given us very limited information, but what I can visualize is 3dc groups (a shell) connected to another 3dc group (a shell) by some unknown number of chs. Then once the row of double shells are completed, you are to turn and create 3dc groups (a shell) in the space between the double shells. You have given us no info on what is done between shells, ie how many chs or other sts are worked between these shells. Could you please clarify so that we can assist?
  8. Welcome! What is your favorite crochet technique? Yarn, thread, granny square, clothing?
  9. Welcome! I have a neighbor who is left handed and trying to learn crochet. She uses you-tube videos. Maybe there are other left-handed crocheters that could help on this forum. Glad you are here!
  10. Welcome Barbara! With your love of crochet, patterns and yarn...you are in like company!
  11. Thank you Reni Now that I have translated and completed the pattern, I find that the automated translators were giving me crazy non-sensical terms. I suspect crochet terms are hard for translators. The pattern has pictures so I could reproduce it from that, but I was determined to get a proper translation.
  12. Here is instruction for a basic oval shape that might help you. How to Crochet a Basic Oval Shape | eHow
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