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  1. I have some that I'll be happy to give you. Just need an addy.
  2. wiz! Go easy on those painkillers!
  3. A box is on its way. I'll PM you the tracking #. I think there are 12 (more or less) assorted sized blankets.
  4. My mom's box of toys arrived yesterday and I boxed them up with the remainder of my toys and stuffed them in my car. Wellll last night mom tells me that the bunnies she sent HAD NO TAILS. OH MY:no so I had to go out to the car, drag the box back into the house and correct all the little bunny butts. Anyhow the boxes are on the way!
  5. I'm waiting on a box from my mom that contains an unknown number of animals. Once it gets here I will add 7 finished animals 19 matchbox cars 20 coloring books 14 boxes of 24 crayons + whatever I can make before I ship the box.
  6. CRAYON ALERT- Hit my local Walmart today and they had 24 pks of Crayola Crayons for 25 cents each as part of their back to school special stuff I actually thought it was a pricing mistake so I only bought a few, Hopefully, they will still be there later when I go back
  7. Here's the little deer that I test for Kristie, its a great pattern, I can see a whole herd of these cuties in my future!
  8. Heres a link to the one that I made. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1776618&postcount=231
  9. Here's the little skunky from Kristie's Forrest Friends. She's just the sweetest thing!
  10. Here's a zebra (former member of 1970's hair band) and a little dog from one of Kristies patterns that I cant find a link to right now.
  11. Here's Kristies bunny love scarecrow that I just finished testing for her. Great pattern!
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