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  1. Hi! I am getting a friction burn on my ‘hook’ hand when I crochet. I hold my hook in my right hand in a knife hold and I’m getting a burn where the base of my little finger joins my hand on the outside (if that makes sense!) ive tried to hold my hook differently but I’ve been crocheting like this for so long it’s hard to change. any tips please?!? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've managed to finish it now. Once 'magiccrochetfan' explained it I realised what I was doing wrong! I was being very stupid! I've even know managed to go back and work out other patterns that were confusing me! Thankyou for all the help and advice x
  3. Thankyou! I can't work out how to post a picture but I think mine is definitely wrong cause I've basically done 3 double crochets in every single crochet which is 36 rather than 24. What's the right way to do it? X
  4. I've taught myself to crochet this week and have managed one square but I'm really struggling with the next. The square is called 'square dance' from the book 'crocheted granny squares' buy val pierce. The first two steps involve making a ring with single crochets. The next step reads: '3ch, 1dc (uktr) in to the same space as 3ch, 2dc (uktr) in to each sc (ukdc) to end, join to 3ch at beg of round 24dc (uktr). Break a. I'm completely thrown by what this means. So far I've done 1 double crochet chained 3 then done 2 more double crochet in to every single crochet in the ring but it loo
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