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  1. Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge. I will be filling your information for future use. I am considering just finding something closer to my size as 1 I can not recall where I saw the pattern (I have been scouring my collection of patterns) and 2 world like my first garment to be something easier to build up my confidence.
  2. I am not sure. Thank you for the suggestion
  3. I am considering making something where the sizing is based on bust size. Well in the one pattern the dude is 34 and the next size is a 42. I am a 39. I am wondering do I just deal with it being too small or too big. Or just keep keep looking for something in my size. This would be my first garment. Any tips,tricks and advice are greatly appreciated
  4. Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to making this shawl. Now to hurry up with a current wip so I can. lol
  5. My name is Marie. I live in New York State not too far from Niagara Falls. Here is a bit about me: In January 2013 I decided to look at New Year's as a way to discover myself. I decided that I really wanted to find out what interested me and what I was good at. I always considered myself not creative. So my discover began So the first thing I did was I signed up for a Wilton Method Course 1: Decorating Basics. It was held in February 2013. I LOVED it! I looked as forward to the last class as I did the first. It was so much fun baking and decorating. The next thing I did was sign up for a basic sewing class this took place in March 2013. See in 2012 My Love bought me a sewing machine and I was feeling guilt from not using it. I took the course and have been sewing ever since. Since then I have made stethoscope covers, pillow cases, curtains, chair covering and Toddler Pillows. In June 2013 My Love bought me a digital camera. I LOVE it! My favorite pictures are of nature. I am obsessed with clouds and textures. July 2013 In July I woke up one day and decided I need to start a blog. Why? Something new I guess. Actually when I was younger I wrote poetry and wanted to be a reporter. I also considered writing a book when I was a teenager but there ere was no one to support me in this endeavor so I did as I was told and went into other things. I still want to write in some way. So a Blog seemed like a good idea. continued to discover myself through the next 9 months. Still searching for something. In April 2014 I discovered crocheting. I purchased a book, explored you tube and joined a local knitting and crocheting group. Within a short period of time I fell in love It is now my passion. I am completely and totally obsessed!!! I am always up for challenging myself and there is always room for more friends in my life. I came upon this site by chance as I was searching for somewhere other than Facebook and Ravelry to connect with other crocheters
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