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  1. Thank you to my 2 very special fairy god mothers!! My son LOVES all the stickers you have both sent, and he is currently wearing TWO thomas the train tatoo's.... lol I love the book thong with the angel, it is beautiful! The totally perfect crochet hook holder I love as well!! Thank you to you BOTH!!!! Shopping time for me this weekend to pay it forward! Your gifts came at the perfect time, perked me up just right! Heather
  2. VICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my box today!!! We had plans to go shopping, and I have made the boys wait until the mail came! LOL I was sitting on pins and needles!!! In the box is (photo later, hubby has camera for work today) 7 balls of Sugar and Creme- Violet Veil 2 giant balls of Lion Cotton- Purple 2 books 1) too cute to crochet for babies and toddlers and 2) crochet for babies. 1 writing journal, I LOVE TO JOURNAL!!! 1 pack blank note cards (I LOVE TO SEND CARDS!!!!) Rose petal soaps (in purple of course!) 3 wooden crochet hooks!!!!!! They are gorgeous!! 2 LIGHTED crochet hooks!!! OH MY!!! 5 stitch markers!!! Guardian angel for my visor in my car..... I LOVE ANGELS!!! BEAUTIFUL and I mean BEAUTIFUL broche pin!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! Purple necklace!!! (PURPLE!!!) Measuring tapes!!!! TEA!!!! 2 fruit by the foot!! (taken by 15 yr old! LOL) Chocolate orange, the kids ADORE those!!! So do I!!!! Vanilla creme sticks... the best and I mean BEST cookies ever made! You read my mind on this vicki!! Chocolate coated pretzels!!!!!!!!! Jelly beans!!! (the 2 year old is running around saying "jelly beans" lol) Chocolate coated fruits!!!! PLUS!!!! A beautiful green and verigated shawl!!!! I LOVE IT!!! What laundry soap do you use Vicki??? LOL That shawl smells sooooooooo good!!! I love it all! You had to have been reading my mind with all the goodies you sent!!! Plus the boys got to see what a box looks like when its been from Iowa to Washington and back! LOL I love ya girlie!!!!! You out did yourself!!! Im so lucky to have had YOU as my partner!!!!! :hug:hug
  3. Vicki, Im glad yougot it and glad you liked it!!!!
  4. With work, a sick 2 yr old and 2 teenagers needing my attention... lol i havent been able to get back to this. I just decided to use a large yarn needle and fixed it. I dont have any other way to explain it, but its not going ANYWHERE NOW! lol WHen I did I made a horrible sound, and my hubby thought something really really bad happend... which it did, but he was assuming much much worse! I gave her the ghan today, she loved it! I will post pics soon.
  5. I have worked my heart out on a starghan for my hubbys first great nephew, and when I was trimming it, I accidently cut the beginning and it just unraveled!!!! Its soooo pretty and I wanted it to be perfect, but it now has a huge hole right in the center!!! Any suggestions on exactly how to fix it????? PLEASE????? lol Thanks in advance!!!! Heather
  6. Okay, whew.... Im done! Just waiting for my items to arrive and ship to you Vicki!
  7. Its in my faves now! Thanks for sharing! Good to hear about great customer service!!
  8. Thanks for sharing! Are both of those dogs Boston's? I have a 7 year old Boston.... I love them!
  9. Vicki- Im so sorry to hear about Riley (((hug)))
  10. :cheer:cheer:cheer JULI!! Thank you first off for all your hard work to get this rolling!!! :cheer:cheer:cheer VICKI!!! LOL I told Lucas (yes, he is 2 and doesnt understand) that I had you as a partner and he said Bicky!! lol So he will gladly help me shop! lol
  11. LOL thats funnny! He wore it as a hat tonight until he fell asleep, but wouldnt let me get a picture of him in it to show you! Silly goose! I did manage to get it back tonight by woo-ing him with an Elmo backpack! lol
  12. My son stole the bag you made me! lol This morning he had it emptied (been carrying it as a purse) and had his little wooden blocks in it! lol Im going to attempt making him one in yellow and try to put bee's on it instead, so it looks like a honeycomb lol Then I can have MINE back!
  13. Like I tell my little neice... Only ONE more sleep until the big day! lol
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