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  1. Thank you redrosesdz, I'll try and get or make the bobbins!:) I found a youtube video that shows me exactly how to use the bobbins and change the colors. How to change colors makes more sense now. I'll let you know how it goes:) https://youtu.be/Uzxuxhp0VM8
  2. Thank you redrosesdz and yumenotenshi for your great responses. redrosesdz: Question: when you say "use separate skeins" do you mean i should make 2 separate balls for the CC? Is that what the general term means when they say use a separate skein? You always answer with detailed,informative responses, thank you so much for your help:) yumenotenshi: Your blanket looks great! You stated "I had like 4 skeins going of the green that I just kept carrying over until I got to the end of the row diagonally" Does this mean you had 4 separate balls and when you finished a row (green,white,green,white) you didn't carry the green yarn across the whole row you started a new row and carried the green yard upwards? I ask this because looking closely at the picture, I do not see see green underneath any of the white areas I see the white thread being carried across the whole row but it could just be my eyes. I do not mean to pester you with my questions, I know you did this many years ago and I understand if you can't remember. You replying to my questions and giving me your knowledge of the blanket creation is wonderful and thank you so much.
  3. I've looked around for help on this blanket and I finally found this forum:) I just purchased a book with this blanket in it and I would like to do complete it. However, the same quote in the pattern I do not understand as the user yumenotenshi had issues with: "Always change colors in the same manner. Keep unused color to wrong side of work; do NOT cut yarn until color is no longer needed. When working vertical blocks of CC (that's the green color), use a separate skein for each set of blocks." I am not sure what they are talking about here since the afghan is done diagonally and not vertically unless they mean every time I need to do a new row with a mix of the MC and CC colors in the row I need to use a separate skein or cut it. I have tried the above suggestions about carrying over the color and tightening the yarn but it still looks pretty bad when try it. Mind you in my example, I am using test yarn and have not used the actually white and baby blue yarn I purchased yet because I want to see how much of the CC color would show. I used a light pink color as my MC and a vibrant multiple color for my CC. I did this on purpose to see how much the carryover would show. I have attached a picture. Could anyone please help me interpret this above quote properly? Also, why would a person prefer to carry over the yarn instead of cutting it. Isn't carrying it over using up the yarn and more cumbersome? I thought carrying over the yarn would be simpler but it doesn't appear so. Do people prefer the carryover method because there is less chance of the yarn getting loose when hand washing/gentle wash cycle? Thank you in advance for trying to help me or at least reading this:)
  4. Thank you for the link and advise about adding the card for washing instructions!
  5. Thank you all for responding, it's very nice of you all! It is made of acrylic and the instructions states wash gentle and dry low so I will wash/dry and attempt to block it.
  6. Can I iron or steam it to make it straighter?
  7. Thank you again for the help with this. I finally finished it after so many months! Here is the finished project. I tried doing this blanket 5-6 times before I finally got to finish it. While I was doing it I kept trying not to make it bunch up but it still did it. Is it still an acceptable blanket or should I start over again? When folded a certain way the corners don't meet horizontally.
  8. Thank you so much for your help! I'm sorry about the photo and I removed it.
  9. Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to make my second blanket to donate to charity and I can't get started because I'm stuck understanding the gauge in the pattern. It says to repeat and 9 rows but I can't figure out what am I suppose to repeat. I have attached a photo. Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm still a beginner and trying to understand terms. Thank you in advance for trying to help me! It states: Gauge: In pattern, two repeats and 9 rows =5''. Does this mean that I need to do a few of the clusters then measure them? Is a cluster a repeat?
  10. So, what I did with the fuzzies is lightly/gently ironed it and used a shaver and it worked..I mean it isn't perfect but not has many fuzzies now.
  11. That is amazing:) The gift and the many sentiments show what type of people are on this forum and I am happy to have found this website:)
  12. That looks great and I love it that it is useful for hooks. I'll try it when I get to intermediate level.
  13. Thank you, all! I'm going to start on a big throw for my couch now.
  14. I want to thank everyone who gave me great advice on my post below: http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/154449-pattern-question/ It helped me finished my blanket, and it is finally done, yay! I feel as if it took months instead of only a few weeks, lol. Now, I think I need to block the ends since they seem to curl a bit.
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