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  1. I like to do really long bunny ears if I'm going to let them hang. So, cute, especially for a little baby. When I finish the ear, I just leave about a 18" tail and use it to whip stitch the ears to the hat. I like to pick my holes before I start so I have a game plan going into it. Otherwise, I just get all willy nilly about attaching them and it ends up looking messy. Kristen http://www.rainbowtized.com
  2. I'm with Granny Square. I think the only reason it's written this way is because they want you to make that one sc, before you start the pattern. In essence, it shifts everything around by one stitch. Sometimes to make a shape, sometimes to avoid a noticeable line down your work. Kristen http://www.rainbowtized.com
  3. Hi there. I'm Kristen Hess from Austin, Texas. My Aunt Doris taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl. I had no patience back then and never turned out more than a long chain I would fashion into bracelets and necklaces. I've gotten a little better over the last 35 years or so. Although I still don't have patience for afghans and other long-term projects, I love to churn out hats, baby-sized gifts and amigurumi characters. So happy to be here.
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