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    Just a home studio potter, mother of four, and crochet addict ;)
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    Sculpting, crochet, metaphysical
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    Studio Potter/ Ceramic Artist
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    Baby Items, Pineapples, fast projects
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    Learned at 12 but picked it up to make projects maybe 10 years ago?

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  1. I was reading about becoming a crochet instructor a little bit. Has anybody completed the program? Was it very time consuming? Thank you!
  2. thank you for all the compliments
  3. My sister in law is expecting. This Sweater is my first knit project. I have made a cowl with no pattern and a whip stitch but that was just learning how to knit. This is my first intentional project. I Followed a youtube tutorial
  4. I looked at several patterns and adapted my own for these items. The first gnome hat with longer point is my revised version of the set with booties. (the boy gnome hat is going to be for a baby shower this weekend) The berry hat was a cute puff type stitch (yo pull up loop 3x then through all three) and added freehand leaf.
  5. "Rebekah Krieger" I have pinterest <3
  6. You are correct that they usually have a sample of the stitch in a chart, but it is not enough to show the entire pattern, (maybe that is how they are not illegal... because here a small piece of a pattern is allowed ?) If I am going to attempt a fine lace dress pattern, I need to know that i will be able to complete so I don't waste my time trying to start it. It appeared that they were links to crochet websites etc, I was unaware that they were patterns from books etc. It's hard to tell with the language barrier. Why oh why are all of the most beautiful crochet dress patterns in another language? I wish there were english ones for sale.
  7. I love the look of a spanish style veil!! I never had a formal wedding and DIE every time I see them, so beautiful!! Google "spanish veil" and you will see some ideas on how to conceptualize a crochet version.
  8. It seems that the most beautiful crochet patterns are russian. I have many dresses and tops that i have pinned on pinterest but when i click into it the instructions are in russian. Does anyone else have this problem? Did anybody find a good translator that helps with crochet terminology? I want to someday make a lacy black dress with a sexy flare but covers my arms. Preferably with pineapples or lace detail around the bodice or hemline.
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