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    Owner, Sims Family Tours & Travel. Recently diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer (had Breast cancer in 2004).
    Full time RVS with my husband and 2 Boston Terriers.
    Just started crocheting in February 2015.
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    Cruising, rving, boating, spending time with friends
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    Travel Agent
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    1 month
  1. My pattern is a different one. Will look for the link (I pasted the pattern in a Word document). My work is wavy and ruffling. Obviously doing something wrong. Not understanding the increasing. The pattern states to repeat DC in every st for rounds 4-10. Slst at end of round, ch3 Might need to just move on and try some blankets. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
  2. I am using the Newborn Chrocet Hat pattern from Lorene Eppolite. Working in a circle.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am using an allfreechrochet.com pattern. I also just looked at the hook they recommend. Might start over with the larger hook.
  4. Hi all, I am new to the group and new to crocheting. For two days, I have attempted 2 different patterns for a baby hat. Currently working on a beginner pattern for a newborn. After several rounds, my work is curling on the ends. Any advice as to what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Connie
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