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  1. Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this weekend, is anyone else going to be there? http://www.flockandfiberfestival.com/
  2. Welcome!! Are you going to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this weekend?
  3. Just signed up and sent in my survey. I love YARN!!!!
  4. Yay Betty!!!!1 It is absolute fun knowing how to do both crochet and knitting, there are no restrictions on patterns!!! I also just ordered the Snb nation. I had the first Snb already and it definitely helped me learn to knit!!!! It was my main source and then the online videos at KnittingHelp. Invaluable!! Stormy
  5. Has anyone else seen the Tulip baby Sweater from Dream In Color Yarns? I am obsessed!! I first noticed it when the Yarn Harlot was talking about how she knit one from a kit. I saw the picture and just had to have one to make!!! Apparently by the time I found a shop with kits, everyone else had had the same idea and there were none left. I talked to my LYS and she said that Dream in Color is back ordered at least 4-6 weeks because of demand for the yarn for this sweater. Apparently every other knitter in America wants to make the tulip baby sweater. Because I had already been craving and obsessing about this little amazing sweater for two weeks (that is a long time for me, I am more of an instant gratification person when it comes to buying my yarn!), I decided that I couldn't wait for a kit and would make one myself by going around to several shops and gathering the colors needed myself. This was not an easy, task since it requires 8 different colors ( actually I got lucky and only had to go to 2 LYS's, but that doesn't sound as interesting). But it was still a pretty expensive amount of yarn for one sweater and I would only need 1/4 of each skein. So I guess I am going to make up kits with the rest to sell on ebay so that I won't have spent so much on it. That's better, right? I am not such a crazy yarn obsessive chick if I sell some of it to others who have the same need?! Right!?? I am actually helping others! I am doing a community service. Well, if any of you NEED this kit, let me know, and I might be able to help you out!! We gotta support each other right!? Stormy
  6. As soon as I decide I like one better than the other the next issue comes out and I change my mind. I guess it just depends on the specific issue, not really the specific magazine for me. With both magazines there will be some issues that I love over half the stuff in and then there are some issues that I can't find more than one thing I like. I also love Inteweave Crochet when it comes to wearables!
  7. Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood, WA is holding their grand opening celebration July 14th-16th. Take a look at the web site and the blog (there is going to be a spinning demo and an alpaca present along with lots of other fun stuff(food, prizes...). http://www.yorkshireyarns.com Then also check out the link on the home page to their blog for extra info.
  8. "We were Hacked" Probably means that someone hacked into the website and messed with it!
  9. The shop is open now and I added the number to the first post. (1-253-589-YARN) She holds a Hooks and Needles group every Mon. evening from 6pm-8pm. There is also a Stitching Meetup group that meets every other Thur evening that anyone can attend. Both are free and very friendly.
  10. Of course practice will help quite a bit but in the mean time you can also use a different sized needle when you pearl. That way you can adjust up or down. I have read that many people have a larger gauge when they pearl (not the case with me, I think mine gets a little smaller). I have interchangeable circular needles and just put a different size on one side to adjust for the difference in tension. Hope this helps.
  11. stormyautumn

    Sock KAL

    Here are the circlulars shortened to be flexible DPN's. They are just a little over 7 in long each. One circular made these three, with a little left over tubing. clickable
  12. stormyautumn

    Sock KAL

    I found a great tutorial in the current issue of CRAFT: magazine (the one with felted fruit on the cover) about making your own mini cord dpns. Basically taking bamboo circulars that have tubing (not cord) like cheaper ones you can get on ebay, and shortening them. It is supposed to be better for not slipping out of your work. I will try to post a pic soon. I only had size 6's to do it with but I made three out of that one. I ordered some 0's, 1's and 2's to shorten. Anyway, the point being that I am excited to use them on socks. This will be my first pair of knitted socks, and I am so glad to join this sock-along so that I can get through this with help!! I crocheted a pair, but that didn't teach me anything about gussets, and all those other weird sock words.
  13. Yay yay!!! I totally had an epiphany to check my history!! Why didn't I think of that before. Anyway, HERE is the blog. I will bookmark it now . Anyway, I was thinking of designing a little halter top dress for my daughter.
  14. Okay, so just the other day I found this web page or blog that was letting knitters share their design process (yes knitting, but design is design, especially when it is made out of the same material: yarn). They were showing their drawings, swatches, encountered problems and how they solved them. It was really neat and totally appliacable here. But I can't find it again!!! I am so frustrated!!
  15. I usually take the statement "you must have a lot of spare time" to mean that the project looks too big or complicated to that person. Like they would never be able to accomplish the task. In a way I take it as a compliment because I know that it doesn't take too much time for me, that it is something that I am good at. I have kids, so most people certainly know that I don't have any spare time, just the time I carve out of my sleep time! Maybe I am just to oblivious to see the put down when they talk about my spare time.
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