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    I am a former hairstylist that is now a stay at home mom to 3 great kids. I love to crochet and collect yarn and patterns. I also love to write up my own patterns. I often go through "phases" of things I like to crochet and design. It may be slippers for a while, then I may switch to blankets, doll clothes, hats, etc. The great thing about crochet is it is never boring and there are infinite possibilities of stitches and things to create.
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    Tioga County
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Reading, Gardening
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    scarves, wearables, blankets, shawls, baby things
  1. froggyhoppy

    adjusting pattern size

    You can also try using finer yarn and a smaller hook. I am not familiar with the pattern, so this method does not always work.
  2. froggyhoppy

    Crochet circle help

    It looks like you may be increasing your stitches too much. Your first few rounds look pretty good, but it looks like your last few are ruffling to much. A little ruffling may be okay, especially if you want it to stretch over something, but too many are hard to block out. You may want to unravel the rounds that are very ruffled, then continue on with the pattern, but do less increases. You don't always have to add stitches to every round to make a circle. You may want to try to do your increases every other round to see if that helps with the ruffling. Good luck!
  3. froggyhoppy

    Tank Slippers

    These are slippers that I made for my mom's best friend's son. The slippers are mens size 10. They are a gift for his 40th birthday. He served in the armed forces in the desert, but I'm not sure which one. These were quite the challenge to make. It took about 50 hours to complete these. The pattern was not the best, especially for a fairly expensive paid pattern. I think having it tested before being released would have really helped with all of the bugs it had. I don't want to completely diss the pattern because the concept is actually amazing. It just needed a bunch of extra eyes before being released. I had to rewrite a bunch of the instructions to get them to come out right. I would not recommend these at all for a beginner. You need to be able to work from the photos a lot and just be able to improvise quite a bit. My son now wants some, but I told him NO WAY! These are one of a kind. The sewing alone of all the little pieces about killed me. I can hand sew quite well actually but LOATHE doing it.
  4. froggyhoppy

    Placing stitch

    Lovely shawl! I just looked over the directions and they do seem a bit confusing, especially since there are no stitch counts included for the beginning. I hopped over to Ravelry and there was a great close up picture of someone's work in progress. I went by their photo and made up a swatch. Maybe this would be more helpful: Row 4: Ch3, dc in same st, ch1, sk next dc, dc in next 2 dc, ch1, sk next dc, dc in next dc, Ch sp incr * dc in next dc, ch1, sk next dc, dc in next 2 dc, ch1, sk next dc, dc in next dc, Ch sp inc rep from * * once more, dc in next dc, ch1 sk next dc, dc in next 2 dc, ch1, sk next dc, work 2dc in last st. Stitch count: 24 dc and 11 ch1 spaces. Good luck!
  5. froggyhoppy

    Scrappy Heart Hat

    Thanks everyone! And I've never seen that before regarding using a fork to make pom poms. What an awesome idea! I'm definitely going to try it. Much better than my cardboard method. Thanks ReniC for the link.
  6. froggyhoppy

    Stich ID for vintage hat

    I agree with magiccrochetfan looks like post stitches. It is a very cool hat!
  7. froggyhoppy

    Scrappy Heart Hat

    This is a hat I made bottom up. A great project to use up those many scraps of yarn I have everywhere. Daughter insisted it needed a pom pom. I am so terrible at making them, but it works.
  8. froggyhoppy

    donation ready scrap scarf rainbow colors

    Such a pretty cheerful scarf. Love the colors! I'd be tempted to keep it.
  9. froggyhoppy

    Intarsia woes!

    It sounds like you are off to a good start with the bobbins. The video is also a great resource. When you are working your right side the yarn should be in the back. When you are working the wrong side the yarn should be in the front. Good luck!
  10. froggyhoppy

    New from PA

    Thank you everyone for the lovely welcome!
  11. froggyhoppy

    New from PA

    Hi everyone! My name is Sonja and I hail from the mountains from PA. I have been crocheting for about 19 years now. I enjoy designing my own patterns, but I also love collecting patterns and yarn too. With crochet I love the fact that there are so many interesting stitches and always something new to learn. To me it is never boring.