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  1. Hi all thanks for the replies. I decided to go with the reverse stitch and I'm pleased with the results although it was infuriating to do lol. Thanks again
  2. Hi all, I've made a cushion cover by crocheting two large granny sqaures and I'm now starting to think about the best way to join them together. Will it better to crochet them together using the slip stitch technique or use a needle and yarn to stitch them together? Any thoughts?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm attempting to crochet my first cardi, the pattern that I have consists of a foundation row and then four mre rows. The pattern then says that "these four rows form patt". The pattern then asks me "work in patt for a further three rows, ending after patt row three and with WS facing for nect row". My question is; does it mean that I have to work the four rows of pattern three times or just repeat the first three rows? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for letting me know I wasn't aware
  5. Yeah that what I thought thanks guys. As I say she did say that she didn't work in the round and so hasn't written it as such. Gonna get scary when there's 300+ stitches :S I wonder if I can find a similar pattern written a different way to work with.
  6. hey guys I'm looking at starting this pattern but just wanted to make sure I fully understood it first. Its going to be for a doll. • Invdec x 19. Now you should be left with 9 sc, including the sc that is on your hook. You are going to now start his neck. • Sc x 30. The bit I don't understand is the part where it tells me that I should have 9 sc but then I'm sc x 30? The lady that designed the pattern does state at the beginning that she doesn't follow the round and therefore the pattern is not written in proper rounds so would the 30 stitches just be however many rounds? Hope all that makes sense and sorry for the essay. Thanks in advance for any replies and help
  7. Re-looking at it could I also ask what you need to do when the pattern says to turn but there is no chain stitch? Is as straightforward as it sounds or is there something else I need to do? :S
  8. Thanks that does make so much more sense and its so straight forward lol. Need to do the rest of the body parts before starting on the wings but just wanted an understanding was considering using felt but will definately give it a go now.
  9. Hi so Im making a little toy that requires wings and I'm not sure I understand the pattern. Here is how it is written; Row 1: ch10 Row 2: sc in 2nd ch from the hook, 8sc, turn Row 3: ss into 2nd sc, 6sc, inc, ch1, turn Row 4: inc, 6sc, ss, turn Row 5: skip ss, ss into 1st sc, 6sc, inc, ch1, turn Row 6: inc, 7sc, ch2, turn Row 7: 9sc, inc, ch1, turn Row 8: 11sc, ch2, turn Row 9: 11sc, inc, ch1, turn Row 10: 12sc, ss, turn Row 11: ss into 1st sc, 10sc, inc, ch1, turn Row 12: 11sc, ss, turn Row 13: ss into 1st sc, 9sc, inc, ch1, turn Row 14: 11sc, ch2 turn Row 15: 11sc, inc, ch1, turn Row 16: 13sc, ch2, turn Row 17: 14sc, ch1, turn Row 18: 13sc, ss, turn Row 19: ss into 1st sc, 12sc, ch1, turn Row 20: 11sc, ss, turn Row 21: ss into 1st sc, 10sc, turn Row 22: ss into 2nd sc, 7sc, ss, turn I'm not sure I understand the slip stitch at the beginning/end of the rows and also what it means by skipping the ss. Any help greatly appreciated xx
  10. pyjamas

    Easter bunny

    My second attempt at making a toy.
  11. The way you've written it does make more sense I'm just confused because in the past I've always just done 4 sc and then an increase six times to make up the 36 stitches. Writing it out the way you have has definately helped especially the way I read it would have been wrong so thanks
  12. Stupid question but following a pattern to make a toy head. Have started increasing by sc 1 inc, sc 2 inc etc up to round 6 where the pattern now says sc 1, inc, (sc 4, inc) x 5, sc 3 = [36]. Is this not the same as sc 4 inc? Or will it make the final head look wrong?
  13. watching a video has really helped thanks. I was following a pattern but just didn't turn out as it should have.
  14. Hi all I'm new here and hoping someone can help. I'm trying make a ball shape (not quite a ball its the body for a toy) but all I end up with is a long tube type structure rather than a nice round shape. If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong by that description alone they are a star! Any help greatly intereested and if you would like a pic to demonstrate what I mean please ask and will try to add. Many thanks
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