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    After learning crochet from online resources, it had been around 6 years since I've been hooked. Apart from answering crochet Q&A from different forums, I make silly ideas come alive. For more info about me & my work, check out mollythejelly.wordpress.com
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    Vancouver, BC
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    Doodling answers for crochet Q&A
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    In a cubical, stare at the screen & typing really fast.
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    Amigurumi, Kids stuff, Random Imaginary Critters

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  1. Hello Your description so For general German to English translation, there are term/translation chart like this one. The rod part seems like it refers to post? I am guessing? Are you doing front and back post crochet?
  2. This is probably too late to add, but if you are also comfortable with yarn trading, you may visit Ravelry and type in the name of the yarn. Sometimes it would show up that people have the yarn in their stash and may wish to trade/sell it from their collection. Alternatively, there is a website called Yarnsub https://yarnsub.com/ It can tell you for the most part, if the yarn is common, which product one can substitute it with. Just punch in the yarn brand & name, you will get the results. Cheers
  3. MollyMarmalade


    Depending on the volume you need as well as materials, there are a few common ways to go about this: 1) Frogging & Upcycling: Second Hand Source This has been done by different communities, where people would go to thrift shops and pick out well loved sweaters, blankets, and other items that are from similar materials/gauge yarn, frog them (rip and unravel them), and create a new piece of work for upcycling. 2) Wholesale Yarn Distributors Many of your local yarn shops would source yarn from distributors. This would be for example, places like Spin Rite Yar
  4. Oddly enough I'm getting email notifications recently and I saw this. Are you still working through it? I can either draw you a diagram or a photo step-by-step guide if you're still struggling. Cheers,
  5. I haven't been around for a long time but I saw this on my email, and it reminded me of the favourite type of yarn to use for poufs and rugs: It's thicker and less stretchy than shirt yarn, and it's from upcycled fabric 80% cotton 20% other material made from Netherlands: Hoooked Ribbon XL. This type of rug pattern is commonly known as "Mandala Rug". As others have mentioned, the component and methods are identical to crocheting doily. You may visit the pattern here for the rug: https://www.loveknitting.com/us/mandala-style-island-rug-in-hoooked-ribbon-xl-solids Similarly, a
  6. Thanks for pointing me here darski! I like how you have all the costume set designed & planned out
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