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  1. Where do I get the best yarn sales?

  2. Sdegolian

    Tennis Racquet Afghan

    The link didn't work for me. Can you attach a picture for me? Thank you! ????
  3. I have developed an allergy to acrylic yarn. Any suggestions on a non acrylic fiber that I can make afghans with that is not terribly expensive? Ty! ;)

  4. Sdegolian

    Yarn Allergy - Help!!!!

    I have this same problem. It's bad. Are you still having problems?
  5. I'm new and can't create a new album in the Gallery. Help? :/

  6. Sdegolian

    New Gallery Album...Help!

    I am new to this site and can't start a gallery album. I've been looking in discussions and help for 2 hours. It's telling me I don't have permission. How do I start one, please help?? Thank you!
  7. Sdegolian

    Hello From Illinois

    I just joined today. Very exciting!!
  8. Sdegolian

    Allergic to Red Heart Yarn?

    About a year ago I started getting red rashes on my forearms using acrylic Red Heart yarn. I have tried long sleeves, but with no luck. The rashes come a day or two of using it. I had used this yarn in the past without any problems. I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has found any solutions or information out?