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  1. It is something I could get locally, and oh yes I did surf a few sites and thought that was co.uk in my haste. I don't drive and it's either a 'seek a lift' or a hitch hike 30 miles to get it, but I can probably get to the sewing shop in time. You'd love the shop I'm sure, mostly it has staff the likes that you'd find on this forum with very helpful info, but there is/was one woman in there we called the....I'll tell the story. (Picture yourself in a small compact yet well stocked shop in a small town far far away) Well, we (me and my girlfriend) once went in looking for a zip(per) which I was going to latex to my face for a Halloween fancy dress outfit, we asked for zips but they were under the counter and she seemed very determined not to show us any of them until we knew the exact size and every dimension and serial number first. If you've ever seen the tv series 'league of gentlemen' you may imagine what our zip buying experience was like. I'm not sure if it was the "What kind of zip, what's it for?" - "Well, it's to stick to my face" (definite improper, possibly sacrilegious use) that put her off, but we did manage to get a zip in the end. The staff are generally friendly and helpful, maybe it was just a 'bad hair day' but we do like to visit it just for a browse when we don't need anything as we find ourselves smiling as we enter the shop with a mild sense of trepidation ... I always feel like I may be grilled at the counter as to what the yarn or fabric is for, whether I know the technical name for it and maybe a spot check of my I.D. and a test on the mechanics of sewing machines before I'm allowed to take it away. However, I know '4-ply' and 'Worsted weight', I feel armed to the teeth and ready for anything
  2. Hey thanks everyone, that's totally awesome Is this the kind of thing, it doesn't seem to say any 'Ply' numbers round here? Just need something cheap and cheerful, and swifter now http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/Brava_Worsted_Yarn__D5420219.html
  3. Hey folks, I got my sis some crochet hooks for Christmas, she's keen to get started and is a total beginner. I understand there are better and worse kinds of thread (wool or cotton etc) to use for the beginner and just wondered if you could tell me the type of stuff I should be looking for? The set of hooks I got is a 9 piece ranging from 2mm to 6mm. Don't worry, it's a late christmas for us so I've still time Oh and a happy Christmas all Cheers
  4. MrCat

    Advice needed.

    Thanks, yes I asked the woman in the shop, it didn't say mm on the yarn label but she said it refered to mm, maybe she was wrong, I'll have to look up what size that is! I was a bit keen saying all my stitches were consistent too haha On doing a bit more I realised that keeping the same tension throughout is actually more tricky than it looks. I think I'm just going to need some practice Ahh ok I've looked at the conversion chart, size 10 is about 5mm! half the size I'm using, that does seem a bit small but I've some smaller needles I got from a charity shop I can try, My big big size U are 25mm, they were very cheap from amazon but they're not very long. I saw a great vid on youtube of someone knitting with some pieces of plastic drainpipe tho I'd quite like to try
  5. MrCat

    Advice needed.

    Hey folks, I'm pretty much totally new to knitting, and I'm liking it chunky I've got me some size U needles and have been trying some stuff with rags. I recently went and bought some yarn wich is fairly chunky and some 10mm needles as it said I think 9-10 on the yarn label. I'm finding that my stitches are very loose tho. They're consistent but loose. Does this mean I should use some smaller needles for a less holey finnish, or do I need to try just making them tighter. I quite like the loose holey effect with this yarn tho as it's very tactile but I did imagine it'd come out slightly tighter than it is. Any tips would be great Cheers
  6. Ahh thanks, I thought there likely was somewhere!
  7. Hey folks, I've discovered that knitting is the new cool I've got my size U needles and I'm getting into some rag / scrap material knitting and it's great. I feel kind of illegal talking about it here tho haha, so I wondered if there's a knitting forum you folks hang out on too*? Cheers *Because you lot are lovely so I thought I'd ask here first
  8. Hi folks, Anyone know a good source for some patterns for some big loop yarn? They have free patterns on the loopy mango site which they recommend a size U crochet hook or big knitting needles but they all seem to be knitting patterns.
  9. Ha! That's exactly the set my girl just bought. She has writs trouble on one hand and was hoping the crocheting would help stretch and move it in a good way. Oh I see the tail now, I didn't pick up on tha when I ordered it, I thought it was a big long 32" hook! Funnily she was talking about the tail bits earlier, I hope this thing arrives soon
  10. Thanks Granny! I have no idea what you mean about 'cabled' but I'll take your word that I got lucky...the do call me lucky Luke for the primary reason I tend to be lucky
  11. Hi folks, Thanks for all the great info! Yes magiccrochetfan, that's the wool/yarn I bought! And yes I probably will say wool when I mean yarn of any kind This is the hook I ordered, it's not here yet. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00PKJ5GD2/ref=pe_385721_37038051_TE_3p_dp_1 I'm confused as I checked the picture again after I ordered it, the picture says size P but the product description says size U 25mm/32" which is what I wanted. I ordered this up after my girlfriend saw a youtube vid of someone using one with the extra thick super chunky yarn and decided she wanted to do some of that. I never realised finding the yarn would be so much of a mission, or so expencive so I want to get some material together for her as it's free. She's just getting into her crochet just now and knows a few tunisian stitches as well as some others I couldn't tell you just now, but she's just really experimenting and finding newe fun things to do with her new hobby so I thought this would be a cool thing to get. I'll have a look at those links when I get back in from work. Thanks again for all the advice! And thanks Granny Square, that article on crocheting fabric is just what I was after! I was googling size of farbrin and size u hook and suchlike for ages and not coming up with anything useful... So it would also work to just but super chunky yarn and use multiple strands at the same time to make one fat strand? I never thought of that, seems obvious now tho
  12. Hi folks, Sorry if this is a bit of a daft question, but it can't be that daft as I haven't been able to find out yet I just got my girlfriend a size U Tunisian crochet hook (tempted to get one myself now!) but I had to get her some wool to go with it and wow!!!... Talk about expensive! I do have a lot of scrap material tho and it suddenly dawned on my search for non existent cheep wool of the tight size for such a hook that you can use fabric strips, woohoo what a revelation. This means I can also give her plenty of stuff to use with the hook So, I'm wondering what kind of width strips of material I should cut, and whether I knot it together to make a big roll of material yarn do to speak, or whether it's better to just leave it as individual strips and there's a clever way to do it as you crochet? Any advice would be great, thanks! And if anyone knows the best place for cheap wool of that size in the uk? I just paid £60 for a 'small' roll of loopy mango. I'm new to all this and couldn't find the right super chunky size anywhere, or just wasn't sure what I was looking at possibly
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