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    mother of three doing her best to support them from home.
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    crafting, anything out doors, drumming, dancing
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    soap maker, massage therapist, mom.
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    baby,sea life, amigurumi, hoods, hats, blankets
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  1. I just ordered the original that i liked. one way or the other it will hook up, LOL!
  2. He;s working out. I totally scrapped the head from the original and used another pattern. The legs are from the original pia pattern and the webbing is working out fine so far. I was just tired of looking at it and frustrated. once i set it down and came back to it i was fine. just dong them all the same way.
  3. I put the hook in the front of one, then in through the back and pulled through all the loops. Still messy.
  4. What did you mean by putting yarn through one stitch? I wind up with three loops...
  5. I'm going to go at it again today. Ty so much for the pics! I'll update y'all as to what happens. I'm very grateful for the wisdom shared here!!
  6. thats what im afraid of. i hate ordering off line. can you recommend a yarn maybe? i cant find anything bulky enough in the local shops here for the hook. <le sigh>
  7. I tried that Sarisue and wound up with a mess.
  8. Hello there, I am beginning a project for a birthday present and I was hoping to get a little help with yarn selection. The pattern is an Augurumi Octopus and calls for a size Q hook with super bulky yarn. Most of the yarn i am finding is rated for a size N hook. I really like this http://www.lionbrand.com/yarns/newchenille.html Do you think it would be bulky enough for the Q hook? should I double up ? Do you have any yarn suggestions? The bigger I can make this guy the better! Here is the Ravelery link http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/octavius-the-giant-octopus-treasures-from-the-living-reef-in-crochet Here is the pic in the pattern:
  9. will do. Ill let ya know how it turns out. ty!
  10. Row 10: sc 8 (8), ch 2, turn Row 11: dc in 1st st, hdc, sc, sls 2 tog, sc, hdc, dc, ch2 Row 12: dc in 1st, (sls 2 tog) 3x, dc tie off leaving a tail for sewing ----- Its the last two rows. it creates the slight indention in the triangle shapes last row. I hope these came through for you
  11. it is Amigurumi,a paid pattern (my first and most likely last) and i am so upset with this pattern and the total lack (non existent) communication from its creator Id ask for a refund if I thought she would get back to me. Im not the only one who has had issues with it either. GRRRRR! thank you for the reply. I will look at the web site. the stitch is located at the end of a webbing on an octopus; http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/octavius-the-giant-octopus-treasures-from-the-living-reef-in-crochet the pictures are useless.
  12. I know how to SL st and decrease, but none of my combos are working. What's the method here?
  13. I do know how to put a dc in to a dc, however the row one insruction is for hdc then the () are for dc...
  14. I sat down to just try out the pattern anyway and Im so confused. could some one who has hooked this up please message me. dc in the dc? not sure what that means. dc in the space? dc in the stitch? feeling kinda silly over here.
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