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  1. That's very nice and love the color you chose. Which issue of Crochet Today was it? (I have them all, got my subscription after the first issue came out). Not that I have any little girls to crochet for, but it's so cute I want to make it anyway.
  2. I'd say it turned out pretty. What a nice tote bag to carry around. I'll have to make time for a little sewing. Got a few projects I want to do, between the knitting and crocheting and beading. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Nice job and I love your choice of fabrics.
  4. He's quite a cutie. You did a great job with it.
  5. I have no clue who she is, but I think she's absolutely cute!
  6. Looks terrific, love the combination.
  7. What a sweet looking little angel in her little dress. They're both too beautiful for words.
  8. She's adorable, you did a great job on her.
  9. Nice bag and the idea for the handles is terrific. Thanks for sharing that tip, I can see several of us running to the local pet store to grab some tubing now.
  10. I took some beads and findings I had in my supplies and (while playing on Pogo.com this morning) I came up with this necklace. Sorry, too lazy to dig up the Kodak camera so this webcam pic will have to do atm. I'll take a better picture later (promise). The pink isn't showing up right in the stone, but trust me, there is pink involved. I rather like this one and it's not often I'm pleased enough with a piece to say that. Now back to crocheting the shrug I'm working on. But boy, did I ever need a break from all the sc in the blo for the whole piece. Blah.
  11. Nice scarf, love the color change. I'll have to crack open my SnB and take a crack at it sometime. Might be a good fit for the library's mitten tree.
  12. That's a very nice baby sweater pattern and that one looks really sweet and perfect for some little girl. It's nice to have some traditions in the family and it sounds like you have a great one.
  13. Those are great! Is there a website where I can learn more about this technique? Preferably with lots of pictures.
  14. Careful, I'm going to say a baaaaad word. It starts with K. KNIT. Okay, now that I have that out of the way, here is the scarf I knit for a friend of mine for her graduation present. Anyone who's familiar with the show Doctor Who (the old series) will recognize this as the super long scarf that Tom Baker made famous. I did the best I could matching the colors up, using Wool Ease yarn. The scarf itself is a diminutive 10' from fringe to fringe, shorter than the 14' the scarf started out being and much shorter than the 22' that the scarf became at one point. Thank God this one isn't as long or else my friend would get lost in it. And, for the record, this is the third Doctor scarf I've knit. After I've recovered from this one I'll start over. The next one will stay right here at home.
  15. Thanks! I just thought I'd let you know that my co-worker reported the toy was a smashing success and his son carried it around with him everywhere and even wanted to take it to school. I'd say that was a big thumbs up.
  16. I love Woman's Day right now. They are giving away, on the website, a pdf copy of their Oct. 1973 insert that included several different crochet hat/cap patterns. Here's the one I did ... I think it looks terrific. Some of the other hats are pretty cool too and I'll have to try some more some time. Notice - a few of the crocheted caps include knitted brims -- just a warning.
  17. Love your little idea there. I was looking for something quick and cute to whip up for a coworker's older son because he's getting a new baby brother any time now (literally -- the baby was due the 10th). Anyway, here's a picture. That was so fun, I might make a few and pass them out at work.
  18. I made this hat to wear this Wednesday when I go get my surgery to get my gallbladder removed. The pattern came from the book Crochet from the Heart and the yarn is Lion Brand WoolEase, which I like fairly well for it's comfort and colors. The photo manipulation was courtesy of Photobucket.
  19. My second market bag. The light is much better right now. Love the pattern and the bags make great book bags to for taking stuff back to the library.
  20. Here's the first bag I made. I, also, made my bags out of acrylic and they're stretchy but not too much so. Alas, I tried to take a picture of the second bag but the colors are darker and the lighting is just not right. Maybe tomorrow then.
  21. I finally worked on my granny afghan some more and thought I'd share. More info at my myspace blog page.
  22. Can't wait to see who gets it. It's always fun when someone comes on after getting one of your bags.
  23. Wow. The pattern was pretty before but it really pops felted. Now, if I could only wrap my mind around a new project. I may have to make room for it soon, though.
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