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  1. Hi everyone this is Nikki's Husband Ryan. Nikki's laptop is dead so she is without a computer for a week or two. She has gotten everyone's ornaments I think and will be shipping out the package on Monday. She is currently in NY, as we just got word that her favorite Aunt (her Mom's younger Sister) passed away suddenly. She's pretty torn up, and asked me to write to you all. She has lost too many family members this year, but I know this one hits home for her more then most. The burial is on Fri, so she'll be driving back on Sat. We'll prep the package on Sunday and have it out first thing Mond
  2. Sorry for the delay. Think things are up to date now, will check in again on Monday. Things have been rather crazy lately. Had 2 aunts pass this month, 1 was very unexpected and my uncle is beyond devastated. To add to the crazy we have to travel to CA this weekend to defend ourselves in a ridiculous court case. We are actually being sued by the people who robbed us at the beginning of the year for costs they incurred robbing us. They called it moving help. They postponed this 3 times because they know they don't have a case. We finally got a hold of the clerk and begged to be seen by a r
  3. Saw the Martha yarns. WAY overpriced for the little amount you get. one of them looks like festive fur repackaged and with less yardage and higher price. Another one is on a cardboard spool but there isn't enough yardage to even cover the cardboard. Looked like a 1/2 empty roll. And don't get me started about the one with just enough yardage to make a braided necklace. For shame on Lion for this.
  4. Okay, I think I'm up to date on everything. I logged the ones that arrived this past week. Sorry for the delay folks hubby had to go out of town for a conference and left quite a mess in his wake. Been catching up with everything. If I missed an email please let me know, but I think I'm all there now.
  5. Everything looks great! I just received my first 2 from Nira in the mail! Thanks!
  6. Wow! These are all so beautiful! Here's the snowflake my Mum made...
  7. Pm'ed everyone. My Mum flew in this past week for my B-day and she decided she wanted to make a troop ornament. This was a big surprise as she is not the crafty type. So we went to ACMoore and bought one of the snowflake beading kits. She cursed at it for about an hour, but in the end she actually did it. So proud of her! She kept saying if it was for anyone accept the troops I'd tell you where you could put this kit, and a bunch of other stuff I can't repeat. I'll post a pic of it tomorrow. So NJ is done...lol.
  8. Xmas ornaments using a sheet of the thin packages of felt from Dollar Tree, cookie cutter as tracing pattern and crochet thread from my local thrift store. Felt is doubled, traced, cut out, blanket stitched and single crocheted around twice.
  9. Thanks Everyone! We have almost hit the halfway mark as far as pledges!
  10. Here are a few example of free Christmas ornament patterns I've been working up. All of the patterns are on ravelry. I've made a dozen of each type so far!
  11. I was looking for a crochet stocking pattern that would work for Operation Holiday Stocking so I tried this one and it was too big. So I modified it to fit their specs and came up with the smaller version. Very easy and a good charity! The pattern is a free one on Ravelry but can also be found here http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v171/Kaladriel/blog/grannystocking-howto.jpg It is from the blog found here http://berryfaerie.blogspot.com/2007/11/grannys-galore.html
  12. Flat enough to be sealed into a card. Thanks!
  13. I would be glad to whip up a few square for you.
  14. Going to have to look for these when I go out tomorrow. Usually don't look at his line since they are Boye brand, but good needles are beyond branding
  15. Love love love the grey ripple!
  16. I second Mary Maxim, they had some Bernat cotton on sale for less then $1 a skein the other day. I bought a bunch.
  17. Yes a card please. This way you can write the name of your state on the front for the soldier. Very cute!
  18. I love the color combos.
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