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  1. I didn't understand at first what it meant to work a sc "in the side" of a sc row. I get it now!
  2. Got it!!!!!! I understand now!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  3. I especially get confused where the ** begins
  4. Here's where i get stuck. Edging: (beginning with the top) 3 dc in same st, * [skip 2 st, sc in next st, skip 2 st, 5 dc in next st] 3 times, skip 2 st, sc in next st, skip 2 st, 7 dc in next st (corner), ** sc in side of next sc row, 5 dc in side of next sc row, repeat from ** 2 more times, sc in side of next sc row, 7 dc in first st of bottom (corner), repeat from * ending with sc, 3 dc in same sp at first dc of Round, sl st to top of ch 3, finish off and weave in ends.
  5. I'm stuck on reading my pattern. Can anyone help?
  6. Found this site while looking for help reading a pattern
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